This is the genre of essay that requires exploring a topic evaluating it and establishing a position on the topic in a concise manner. Argumentative essays are assigned as a final project in the first-year writing or advanced composition courses and require some detailed research. Argumentative essays may also require students to obtain data through interviews surveys, experiments etc. Using a survey maker can help the writer to get some valuable information about the topic at hand. Such kind of detailed research helps understanding varied perspectives and taking a strong stand point and support it with proper evidence collected from the extensive research.

Writing an essay

First and foremost is very essential to reflect a strong interest in topic through your essay to make your standpoint sound convincing. You must consider the position that you can back up with reasoning and evidence. It is not enough to just have a strong belief. While shaping an argument you must explain why your belief is reasonable and logical.

Even before you take a standpoint it is important to introduce with both sides of your issue with an assessment of each. Your arguments, reasoning and evidence will come down to the body portion of the essay.

Steps to follow while writing an essay

  1. Choosing your topic carefully. The subject must be arguable. Not all subjects are fit for arguing. Your topic must be contemporary and relevant. Your essay should connect to the values and ideas of the present. You might look through current events and issues for supporting your essay. Your subject must be more than just interesting. If you don’t take much interest it might prove to be very dragging for you. So choose something in which you think you will take a grave interest in. If you are personally satisfied your research will prove to be much better.
  2. Focusing your topic- Many topics might be too broad for a 4-5 page essay so it is recommended to focus on a specific aspect of the subject, i.e. a specific perspective or a policy. Narrowing down makes your essay not only more effective but a lot more manageable. The specific few aspects will help you with your gathering of evidence as well.
  3. Set and analyze a target audience- Review your essay to check if you have specified your target audience to address. Understanding your target audience is very essential in developing and establishing your argument. If it is teacher than you should have an idea of what he/ she expects from your paper- the right tone, the kind of evidence, or your analysis of these ideas. If the audience is your peers, than try and establish a connection using pronouns, expressing feelings that they can relate to.
  4. Research both sides of the topic thoroughly. Even you are sure of your stand point researching both sides can give you ideas for counterarguments and help strike a balance because you don’t want to sound too much biased.
  5. Develop a working thesis that states your standpoint on the issue and summarize the argument and you logical reasoning behind it. Your body paragraph should explain your reasons in detail.

Body Paragraph

State your opinion in the beginning. List and explain the reasons for your choice. The other side’s arguments must be stated as well to establish a disagreeing and disapproving argument. Present the strongest evidence from your research and present it in points. It is usually one point per body paragraph.

Explaining opponent side‘s perspectives are important too. It helps in establishing how the opponent’s arguments are not reasonable or logical or effective. Assertiveness is important to prove you stand point.

Revising and Editing

Avoid emotional or aggressive language. It might sound offensive. Facts, statistics, examples, and opinions are the best way to prove your point.

Don’t forget to cite your sources.

You must also state ideas that both sides agree with before stating your argument.

In conclusion, emphasize the importance of your subject and summarize your arguments and re-state your point. Don’t introduce any new argument.

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