As a college student, your priority is to submit your essays and other assignments of the topmost quality, and turning an average, or a good essay into an outstanding one requires the use of effective tools and websites.

These online tools make the process of writing an essay much easier, helping you get better grades from your professors. Some students may not be gifted with perfect writing skills and would need some help to overcome their essay writing woes.

If you’re one of them? This article is for you as we list the 11 best websites every college should know to simplify the essay writing experience.

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11 Websites College Students Can Turn to For Writing Essays

Multiple writing tools are available online, which students use in their college life, and yet it always gets a little intimidating to pick the right ones for your assignment.

So, to make it easier, we have categorized a comprehensive list of online tools and websites college students should know for writing stellar essays.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a popular online tool and is a lifesaver for college students for rechecking and improving all academic papers for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, typos, punctuation misses, active and passive voice usage, and even the clarity of the content in the document.

These important features are available in the free version whereas the premium version has many more features that include checking for plagiarism, writing style, vocabulary, sentence structure, and other advanced suggestions.

Grammarly can be used as an extension on Chrome that can directly show you the errors that are being made and provide you with an alternative word/sentence or a correct phrase or even tell you to edit out redundant words and. This can also be used in Google Docs and MS Word.

Since there are so many necessary features in the free version, college students love to exhaust this tool completely for their essay writing.

2. Hemingway Editor

Similar to Grammarly, Hemingway Editor is an excellent editing website for proofreading and checking for grammatical mistakes.

It guides you to identify advancements that can be made on your paper as well as highlights difficult-to-understand sentences, or lengthy and wordy paragraphs and gives alternative phrases or words to use that can shorten or simplify the text for your readers.

When pasted on Hemingway, your paper will be divided into color-coordinated errors that, when hovered over can show you their correct utilization.

It segregates the content into the use of adverbs, passive voice, complex words, sentences that can be shortened, sentences that can be paraphrased, etc., and has a fix for each of these mistakes.


To have a well-researched and data-driven essay, JSTOR is the perfect online library of resources that college students can use to find relevant information and other related materials for their essays, to get better grades.

In JSTOR, students can find online books, journals, research papers, articles, and other primary sources. Most of these resources are peer-reviewed and that's why they are credible sources of information that can be used to base your evidence and arguments.

Students can surf this online tool and identify resources that can be useful for their essays, but most of the articles and journals present on JSTOR need to be bought.

In case you have a membership in which you are required to pay a fee, you can access a good list of these resources free of charge.

4. BibMe Citation

Every college needs its students to cite their academic papers, essays, and assignments accordingly, and create a detailed bibliography without fail, so there is no chance of any kind of plagiarism involved. This tool allows you to choose from a variety of citation styles that include APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian style.

Creating a bibliography for your essays can always be a chore. Using BibMe makes the entire process of citing each source that you’ve used into a specific style a lot easier and hassle-free.

To check if your citations are placed correctly, all that you need to do is paste your paper in the text box provided and it instantly starts checking for your citations. It also helps create an entire bibliography in the required format with accurate citations on it.

5. Evernote

Need to organize all your thoughts in one platform? Evernote comes to the rescue.

In times today, people mostly write their notes on laptops, tablets, or smartphones and rarely use a pen and paper to write down their thoughts and ideas. It is a popular note-taking app and is effective for organizing your content. It is also a must-have tool for college students to use for writing essays and other academic papers.

Evernote can be used to dump all your ideas that come to mind so that you can pick the relevant ones out when you need to start writing your paper. Additionally, you can also add images, videos, and voice memos that you wish to include in your essay.

Evernote further organizes types of content, like PDF documents, dialogue snippets, location images, etc., into separate categories for easier accessibility.

6. Writers Per Hour

No points for guessing, but we’ll start with our website, Writers Per Hour.

Whether you’re not confident about your writing skills or have too much on your plate, Writers Per Hour comes to your rescue when it comes to writing essays.

We work with a team of professional writers who guarantee plagiarism-free, high-quality essays written from scratch. When you outsource your essay writing needs to us, you can be sure to get the essay you want when you want it.

What’s more, with excellent customer service around the clock, we aim to make the entire process as smooth as possible.

7. Google Docs

Google Docs is a free online writing spreadsheet that can be used to write your content and to share or give access to another person to edit and comment at any time.

Google Docs autosaves your writing, so you don't have to worry about continuously clicking on the ‘save’ button. It is also used to collaborate with other writers or for a group project and can be worked on in real time. You can have multiple people working on the same document at the same time, using different modes of technology.

Since this is a Google app, anyone who has a Gmail ID can get access to your document once you share it with them. It is a very simple and user-friendly tool for college students and is the most used among writers of all kinds.

8. Coggle

Brainstorming and organizing ideas for your essay is challenging but is also very crucial because it is important to identify and lay out all the arguments and points that you want to include in your write-up. This is best done using a mind map tool that can visually showcase all your ideas in one chart - Coggle.

Coggle includes amazing features such as:

  • collaborate with fellow classmates in real time;
  • get unlimited public diagrams;
  • drag and drop an unlimited number of images right from your desktop;
  • add multiple starting points to the same project;
  • look through the previous versions, and identify the changes made.

9. Memonic

Researching your essay topic can get overwhelming.

You would probably have multiple windows and tabs open on websites and reading materials that you need to take references from.

Memonic allows its users to bookmark each of these specific references and organize them into tags, folders, or groups. The user can pick one of these tags for researching a specific argument.

This tool has free and premium versions and also includes multiple discounts for high school and college students.

10. DupliChecker

DupliChecker is one of the most effective tools for detecting plagiarism in all types of academic writing.

It is free of charge so that means even if you use it once or regularly, you don't even have to pay anything for even subscribing to the tool. It has got a simple but functional layout and has got a very user-friendly interface, which always gets the job done right.

To use this tool effectively, you can copy-paste your text in the required field or upload a document or a text file to check for plagiarism.

11. Studyfy

The thesis statement has got to be one of the most important portions of essay writing. Drafting accurate and relevant thesis statements brings all the meaning into the essay’s content, and that’s why tools such as Studyfy are so primal for college students.

Studyfy helps in generating appropriate thesis statements that are relevant to the assigned topic and ties all the points in the essay back to the thesis statement. It can work on any kind of essay, be it argumentative, compare and contrast, and more.

Other than this, Studyfy also checks for grammar, plagiarism, and spelling helps summarize essays or paragraphs, etc.


No matter how difficult or complex your essay assignment may be or how amazing you are at writing, there is always scope for using guidance and improving your skills.

These useful online tools can do that job very well as they are convenient, and reliable and can take a big weight off of the students, who are confused, overwhelmed, need assistance, or just want to use it to further hone the content in their essays.

Take advantage of our list of the 11 best websites college students should know for writing essays to make getting top grades for your writing assignments a breeze every single time.

Last edit at Dec 25 2022

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Written by

Adela Belin

Adela Belin is a content writing & marketing expert at Writers Per Hour. She writes about motivation, education, personal development, and everything in between. She hopes to make a difference in people’s lives by sharing relevant stories inspired by her journey. As a seasoned expert, Belin is a frequent contributor to Lifehack, AllBusiness, and LiveChatINC and runs her blog.
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