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  • Resume Writing Tips for College Freshers
    Internships & CareersResume Writing Tips for College Freshers

    Writing a resume can be daunting, especially if you’re a college fresher who has yet to enter the job market. You may ask yourself, “What else is there to write apart from my education background?”You don’t need to worry. You can showcase a lot about yourself in your resume. Among them are your strengths.As a college student, your resume can be the perfect platform to showcase your skills and strengths and show potential employers why they should hire you.In this article, we’ll highlight ten strengths to write in your resume that will help give it that extra edge.Ten strengths to write in college fresher resumesHere are some of the best strengths employers look for that you should always include in your resume.Leadership skillsLeading is one of the most important skills employers look for in candidates. Leadership skills can include anything from the ability to manage projects effectively to being able to monitor others and delegate tasks appropriately.If you’ve had any leadership

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  • How to Write a Good Professional Summary for a Resume
    Internships & CareersHow to Write a Good Professional Summary for a Resume

    Have you been sending your resume to several recruiters but rarely getting job interview invites?Consistently applying for multiple jobs can be daunting if your efforts don’t pay. But here’s the thing: you’re not the only one applying for those jobs. There are probably hundreds of equally qualified and experienced college students competing for the same position.So, how do you go past the shortlisting and land the opportunity to prove yourself through a job interview? Your professional resume summary.Original: SourceThe resume summary section is the easiest way for recruiters to scan hundreds of resumes and decide who to invite for the interview.What is a Professional SummaryA professional summary is a short pitch of 3-5 sentences that summarize your qualifications, experience, skills, and achievements pertaining to the job description. It usually stays on top of your resume, just after your personal details.Since recruiters rarely have time to read resumes word-by-word, the only way

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  • How to Write a Professional Email Asking for an Internship?
    Internships & CareersHow to Write a Professional Email Asking for an Internship?

    As you graduate and step out of the college gates, you will enter a world of internships, freelance opportunities, and fresher jobs. As you explore more, you realize that your first step is to land a quality internship position in a credible organization.Original: SourceBefore you know it, you’ll have to start writing professional emails asking for an internship.Importance of Writing Professional Internship Request EmailsInternships help students gain hands-on experience. This enhances and develops their knowledge, exposure, and valuable skills in the workplace. Internships are an excellent opportunity to learn the works and ropes of a company and are the perfect way to avail networking opportunities.An internship email request is usually addressed to the HR or hiring manager of the desired organization, or a job recruiter looking to hire students. This type of email is meant to persuade the hiring manager to accept you as an intern in their company.Internship request emails need to

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  • What are the Best Online Jobs for Students?
    Internships & CareersWhat are the Best Online Jobs for Students?

    College days are fun, but let’s be honest – every experience has a cost attached. Asking your parents for more is something you rather not do.Over 70% of college students in the U.S. are involved in some kind of part-time work. With colleges now shifting back to offline mode, it might be hectic for you to join on-site jobs.The good news is there are plenty of online jobs for students – ones that let you study and work on the side.All you need to start earning is a device connected to the internet and the will to succeed.Original: SourceWondering what jobs to look for? This article will list the best online jobs for students to help you get started and find what suits your skills best.Top 10 Best Online Jobs for College StudentsBefore finding out what are the best online jobs for students, you should ask yourself a few questions:What are your strengths?Which industry/profession interests you?What’s the one thing you are passionate about?Here’s a list of online jobs you can consider

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