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Law Essay – This assignment assesses your ability to refer to primary and secondary sources of law. You should critically analyze these sources, apply their ideas innovatively, and clearly communicate your position through writing. Most students are challenged in selecting the most relevant case studies to a question and in arguing their stances objectively. In any case, most students focus on citing case studies instead of convincing the reader on how the researched information contributes to the solution of a question. An exceptional law essay provides context, refers to the question, specifies, and provides a roadmap. Let our custom writing service tutor you with model answers that you can use as examples in writing your law essays.

History Essay – History is all about the chronicle of the past and the present. Well, most students find history essays exhausting because they want to include every detail in their paper. They do this because their paper is not answering the question, which is often vague. History requires you to think about the question, identify the relevant junctures in time and organize your points to flow logically. Unfortunately, time is not a friend of a history essay. You have to think quickly and write your perspective regarding the question. Let us give you help with essay writing in history.

Marketing Essay - Authenticity, ingenuity, and persuasion. These three important elements characterize this essay. You have to convince your assessor that you know the exact need of your target clients. Afterward, you have to create an effective strategy that appeals to the clients. Most students are stuck due to limited reading or lack of experience at this stage. Marketing needs creativity, which needs a lot of thinking. Unfortunately, most students have not read widely, are limited by time, or do not have practical experience to understand the intricacies of marketing. Leave it to our marketing expert writers to show you how this essay is handled.

Economic Essay – This essay needs a student who is frugal in words but generous in ideas. You should avoid irrelevant introductions or descriptions due to limited time. It also requires one to have a lot of factual evidence. Getting facts can be difficult depending on the question because most facts are from published “paid-for-access” reports. A recommendable, and not necessarily, essay structure should have an introduction, three body parts, and a conclusion. The introduction should define and link the case to a real-life situation. The first body part should have a case link, claim, counter-claim, and a mini-conclusion. The other body parts have the same structure except for the case link.

Political Essay - Politics is tricky because you have to address an issue from a broad perspective. Most students are unable to organize their arsenal of broad information into a convincing argument. Even those who manage to do so still find difficulties in balancing their opinions with the presentation of their information. Each text of a question in a political essay has some meanings that need exploration. Because you are arguing, you should anticipate any possible objections and address them. Remember; write the essay to convince the public instead of your instructor. Therefore, avoid pompous words that do not add value to your argument.

Computer Essay – This essay can be about anything in the computing world. Nevertheless, it is important to portray a level of technical competency in your definitions, descriptions, and explanations. It also needs the student to be up-to-date with ever-changing trends in the computer industry. The wealth of information available on computing is interesting yet confusing and exhausting. You should remain focused on answering the question rather than explore related and interesting information.

Health Care Essay – Most of the essays require the student to reflect on issues in the health care industry while to demonstrate the application of theory and evidence-based knowledge. Reflective essays are the most challenging for many students because they focus only on the description of events. An ideal essay will describe, express feelings, evaluate the incident, and analyze the experience based on theoretical knowledge. Do not think all is good. You have to conclude the essay and explain your future action plan based on your experience.

Philosophy Essay – Students find this essay challenging because it is neither a research paper nor a literary expression. You are also not supposed to present your feelings. Nevertheless, you must defend your position reasonably. Like with the  literature essay, the tricky part is in examining your opinion as the audience to identify areas of weaknesses. Many students make the mistake of including numerous arguments that eventually make the paper’s ideas disparate. Imperatively, every philosophy paper should start with a single short sentence that declares what you intend to prove. Afterward, be concise, use enough examples, and present the views of others. Full explanations should accompany conciseness, and the views of others should be assessed.

Psychology Essay – There are two options in dealing with this essay. You can examine existing literature and formulate your original theory that links to the existing theories. Alternatively, you can analyze the existing theories to identify their strengths and flaws. You should ultimately argue why one theory is superior to others. Irrespective of the approach, you should be specific, sufficiently defend your arguments, and use empirical evidence appropriately. The key steps in this essay include source identification, argument analysis, methodology examination, and results evaluation.

Science Essay – This essay deviates from the other ones because you do not need to foreshadow your writing plan. It is advisable to use section to minimize the use of introductory statements that do not add value to the essay. Science essays are elusive because of limited time to filter important information and connect concepts. Many students strive to include tables and figures but fail to use them appropriately to support their arguments. Moreover, they fail to correctly number, label, and reference the tables and figures.

Business Essay – The type of essay and its corresponding format will depend on the particular demands of the assignment. For example, a “1000 word essay” will have more body parts than a “750-word essay.” Irrespective of the assignment, a business essay requires careful planning, broad outlining, thorough research, precise analysis, and concise writing. One should incorporate the ideas from different authors, but link all the paragraphs to give a flowing thought of information. It is important to link information from scholarly sources with class and lecture notes to show the lecturer that you have been researching further on the content taught in class. Remember to include current events due to the dynamic nature of the business world.

Sociology Essay – This essay requires a well-informed student and exceptional persuasiveness. It is even demanding because a student has to distinguish dogma and biases from objectivity. You do not just write a sociology essay based on class theories. You have to observe current events, link them, brainstorm, and imagine before coming up with a valid argument. The major problem with this essay is in interpreting observations and simplifying observations of seemingly complex human behaviors. The main objective of a sociology issue is in presenting your informed opinion about an issue. The issue might be correct or wrong. Nevertheless, you have to convince the reader that your perception might be the better alternative.

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