Experience is the best teacher, they say. However, a chance to learn from older folks is always golden! Despite the excitement of finally making it to college and the feeling of ‘maturity', more, and more challenging situations always await the ‘just 18 first years’. While the freshman year is a time of redefinition and a foundation laying moment for a better future, most students miss the point and get carried away by anxiety. There is always a super- transition between high school life and the college life which to a freshman is full of independence. When the deal is too good, think twice. The freedom freshmen perceive college students to enjoy surprisingly has a lot of subconscious limitations. Decisions made during the first year in college have a lasting impact throughout the subsequent years in this institution of transition to adulthood. The American College of Testing has found out that approximately half of all freshmen rarely finish their studies in their first college of admission. They either drop out or enroll in other colleges. We have interviewed a good number of older college students and recent grads for you, and this is what they had for their younger fresh fellows. The tips are a must read for every freshman for a more enjoyable and fruitful college life.

Learn as you Go

The fact that you are a freshman does not mean that you act naive in all areas. No one has time to give you the full orientation a freshman needs. The way out is to learn as you go!

In high school, every new lesson was left for the teacher to introduce. In college, it is you to explore what is available. Be bold to challenge yourself with new things; you see auditions for a play piece, give it a try! Everything you do for the first time will not be a bed of roses. However, the spirit to keep going, and to learn as you go, will eventually make your first year in college a moment others will envy.

Class Work First

Contrary to the expectations of most freshmen, attending classes and sparing time to do your papers is paramount. As much as you need time to make merry and spend with the new college company, do not sacrifice your study time for that. Sometimes class work is too hard to handle, but there is always no room for giving up in college. After all, a lot of help is available out there. For instance, there are free tutoring services in most schools. Additionally, your instructors and professors are always very glad to assist serious students. Of importance is that you approach them politely, during official hours, and in their offices. The internet is also very resourceful! For instance, try getting on YouTube and search for Bozeman Science (Biology), PatrickJMT (Math) and Tyler DeWitt (Chemistry) just to mention a few.

Navigate the System and Survive

It is worth letting you know that in the college environment, the only person who really cares about you is You! The administration will treat you just like any other student. After all, the only details they have about you are your name, admission number, college fees clearance record, and such information. So, work the system! It is your duty to correct your grades, request for permission to take a particular class you are interested in, register for classes, etc.

Your success in college will largely depend on the people you ally with. A good rapport with Professors will help you achieve much in your core business in college; Learning. Very few freshmen discover the potential in department secretaries. Most of these staff have been in the college for a long time, and they know exactly which routes to take when you need what. Guess who can help you book that room for a club movie night? Give you hints on legit shortcuts to extra-long procedures? Help you when you are in a mess before you face the disciplinary committee? Hint you on how to win the support of your professors?

Opportunities come and go! Grab them as they come. Some of them are lifetime chances that once lost, can never be gotten again. So, keep your eyes and ears open for any openings that can have a value addition to your life. Internship opportunities in big schools are usually very competitive. Try your luck by applying for such chances. However, make sure that any extracurricular you commit yourself to does not negatively affect the curricular!

And Caution! Beware of fraudsters! You are likely to find some in college. They will obviously approach you first because their target is likely to be on freshmen. For your first year in college, do all your transactions and deals with known professionals. Precisely, be careful while discussing your credit card with anyone in college.

Be Yourself

In college, you will meet other peers who will appear better than you in many aspects. Freshmen are usually affected by a feeling of inadequacy and low self-esteem when they compare themselves with others. Some of the fellow freshmen that will make you feel out of place and socially incompatible will be from well up families. You may consider hanging with guys whom you fairly match in terms of social class. However, the best approach to fit in any class without feeling demoralized is realizing that each one of us have their strengths and weaknesses. Identify your strengths and unique talents and shine! You may be the best in class, or in football. Also, do not compare yourself with others. Just be yourself!

Have Fun Too!

Remember that work without play makes Jack a dull boy.' Take breaks, join friends and have fun! Have it in your schedule a moment to call your loved ones. You can join the college's basketball team (if you love basketball). However, be cautious not to overindulge in anything. Some ‘fun' activities are better explored in the sophomore and subsequent levels in college. Drinking and irresponsible sexual behaviors should not be prioritized when you are a freshman. Your college friends can help you ruin or mold your life. Hence, do not be hasty to hook up, you still have three more years in college to know people and to choose the best company.