You are preparing to join a college to pursue your dream, and you need to develop your college application essay that will tell the admission officers your skills and qualifications. Your college essay reveals what scores and grades cannot tell about your personality and skills. Therefore, you need to draft a quality article that will bring out your desired character and display your unique writing skills to admission officers. This article will outline the steps you will follow to develop a college essay that will earn you an admission.

The initial phase of developing the essay is brainstorming to identify your personality traits. You need to focus on your strengths and areas of you have improved on that may influence your chances of admission to your preferred program. Gather all the necessary information you think is helpful in defining your personality and professional writing skills.

Having collected all the required information, develop an outline of your essay that organizes the information accordingly. Write your first draft carefully ensuring that there is a flow of ideas and thoughts on paper. Remember that this essay concerns you and not the college or the particular needs of a given course or profession.

Develop the structure of the essay following the introduction, main body, and a conclusion. Your introduction should consist of a paragraph that introduces your essays. In the body of the essay, develop several sections that explain all your ideas and thoughts. Your conclusion should be composed of a paragraph that summarizes and winds up the article.

Focus your essay on the personal qualities that relate to the question from admission officers. Let your essay take the specific viewpoint supported by all your ideas. Infer from some students how they have successfully structured their essays. For instance, you should illustrate how your particular personality trait makes you fit for admission to college.

Be honest when it comes to highlighting your best qualities and experiences that place you in a better chance of getting admitted to this college. Don't worry about what qualities the admission officers are interested in hearing. Make the essay personal and narrow so that your strengths and motivations can be pointed out easily. Don’t make it too broad like a resume since it may not show your personality details.

Make sure that your voice is maintained in the essay by reading it again and again. Use a personal experience that shows how you were able to make a decision given the circumstances. Explain how this experience motivated you to take an action. Give it to your teacher and family members to read and evaluate whether it describes your true nature. Rewrite your essay focusing on necessary changes to bring out your image clearly as recommended by your teacher or relatives.

Proofread your essay once again to correct any spelling and grammatical errors that resulted from possible typing errors. Someone else should proofread your essay so that they can identify mistakes you have overlooked. Do not use much formal or business language but be simple and precise in writing your ideas and thoughts.