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How teachers can humiliate students

Published under Essay sample On 07 May 2015

<p>I hope you are a lucky one and you had never met a cruel teacher during your student life. Many parents believe that their child is being lazy in the class or accept that he simply does not have the abilities. But they are not even aware that the fault of poor progress can be a teacher! Practice shows that 50% of parents do not even think that their child is being abused by teachers at the school!</p>

Are early marriages more likely to end in divorces?

Published under Essay sample On 12 May 2015

<p>What is an early marriage? This is an entry into the officially registered conjugal relationships at the age closed to adulthood. Statistics confirms the fact that such union of two people is a priori doomed to failure. Why is this happening? The answer lays in the reasons for which young men and women put in their passport the coveted seal.</p>