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Apr 25 2021

11 Best Websites College Students Should Know for Writing Essays

As a college student, your priority is to submit your essays and other assignments in the topmost quality, and turning an average or a good essay into an outstanding one requires the use of effective tools and websites. These online tools make the process of writing an essay much easier, helping you get better grades from your professors. Some students may not be gifted with perfect writing skills and would need some help to overcome their essay writing woes. If you’re one of them? This article is for you as we list the 11 best websites every college should know to simplify the essay writing experience.

Apr 06 2021

How to Outline a Literature Review in 5 Steps

Have you ever had to write a literature review, not knowing what it is or how to write it, and then failed miserably on paper and in the eyes of your professor? But first -- why should one have to write a stellar literature review? Yes, it absolutely does! The purpose of writing a literature review is to summarize and analyze the ideas and concepts of the author, without bringing your personal opinions and ideas into the review. In this article, you will learn how to outline a literature review in five simple steps.

Mar 11 2021

Can You Get in Trouble for Plagiarizing Yourself? Here's the Answer.

If there is one aspect of academics that has constantly haunted students and kept faculty on the alert, it’s plagiarism. Plagiarism usually revolves around someone using other people’s ideas, phrases, and words as their own, without giving a proper citation, whereas self-plagiarism happens when a person reuses their own materials and work that have already been published or submitted to their professors. If you’re wondering if you can get in trouble for plagiarizing yourself, read this article to know more.

Feb 24 2021

15 Best Persuasive Essay Topics to Get You Inspired [+ Tips]

Persuasive essays are assigned to students for using logic and reasoning, to show that the points they are making are more legitimate and credible than the other. Choose a correct topic, work on your argument, use logical evidence to prove why you are right, and try to persuade your professors to adopt your stance. The first step to submitting a quality persuasive essay is to know what topic you’ll be writing your paper on. Choosing the best persuasive essay topic will make the remaining process of writing the essay a much simpler task.