Jun 24 2019

What to Include in an Activities Resume for College Admissions?

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“Resumes? I’ll come to that when I am looking for a job” – if that is what you are thinking, you are mistaken.

More and more colleges are asking students to submit resumes during the admissions process. While there are a few that strictly specify that they do not want students to upload resumes, there are colleges such as University of Texas, Carnegie Mellon and others that do ask for it.

An activities resume is meant to give a snapshot of your background, notable achievements and accomplishments, especially during your high school years. It is an effective tool to set you apart from competition and lets the admissions committee get to know you better.

Here’s what You Should Include in Your Activities Resume for Securing College Admissions


The competition getting tougher by the day. So, while you are applying to colleges, use this chance to let the admission officers know the value you can add to their college and what better way to present that information than an activities resume?

So, stay calm during the college admissions process as we share the 6 key elements you must include in your activities resume to submit an impressive college application.

Contact Details

Even though this goes without saying, it is worth a mention because believe it or not, in the midst of managing the bigger details, students might forget to include something as minute as their personal details.

So, begin the resume with your contact details which can come as a headline. It needs to include your full name, date of birth, full address, email id and phone number. The idea is to make yourself easily reachable – be it via email, phone or post.

If you have a website or a professionally written LinkedIn profile, you can also insert the links in this section.

Educational Background

No, you don’t have to enlist all the schools you have ever studied in. Considering that you are applying for an undergraduate course, the only ‘education’ details that need to go in here are your high school details.

This includes the name of your high school, graduation year and GPA. If you are yet to graduate, you can mention that by using terms such as ‘In progress’ or ‘Expected ’. You can also include notable courses you had taken during your high school years that are in line with your undergraduate course.

Job Experience and Internships

It’s a well-known fact that students with internship or job experience are more likely to be preferred because they are considered to have more hands-on experience in that particular field. Whether it’s gaining technical knowledge or essential soft skills, someone who has gotten their hands dirty will obviously leave a better impression on the admissions board.

So, if you have internship or job experience, be sure to add them in chronological order specifying the name of the company, dates attended and a short description of what your work entailed, best presented in bullet points.

Extra-Curricular Activities

A well-rounded student is one who not only focuses on academics but also focuses on life beyond that and indulges in extra-curricular activities that help shape their personality.

So, think about it - have you been part of groups or clubs outside of school? It can be a nature camp, debate team, a sport or any other interest such as singing or playing a musical instrument that you have participated in during your high school years.

Devote a section in the activities resume to extra-curricular activities and list them all. Make sure you present a good mix of activities and also mention if you held any leadership positions in any club or team.

Volunteer Experience

Another good reason for writing an activities resume is that there is a limit to how much you can write in your personal statement. So, submitting a resume lets you say a lot more about yourself without any constraints.

If you weren’t able to mention about your volunteer experience on your personal statement, mention it in the resume. This is another important experience that high school students are expected to have because it shows your involvement in community service and increases your chances of getting selected.

So, mention your volunteer experience in detail and if possible, also include statistical data or results that would add value. For instance, if you were part of a fundraising program, do specify how much money you raised over the period of time.

Awards and Recognition

Whether you got awarded in a debate competition or won first place in a science fair, all your awards, honors and recognition need to go in this section because they deserve to be highlighted.

Your list of accolades is what will set you apart and add to your candidacy so be sure to add the relevant ones that are in line with your field of interest. Not just that, refrain from just adding the award you received – spare a line or two to also elaborate on why you received that award.


Now that you are aware of the various sections required in an activities resume, why not start with listing everything you have done so far. Once you have that ready, you can start putting them under the different buckets, and use a free resume tool to create a professional resume in minutes.

Ultimately, writing an activities resume is all about marketing yourself. Still wondering how to begin? Reach out to Writers Per Hour and let us help you with this herculean task. Our expert resume writers will work with you to understand your experience, skills and accomplishments and write your activities resume from scratch, in a manner that is sure to get your application noticed by the admission officers.

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