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Custom essay writing is a demanding task. To write a great essay you need to understand where to start, your topic, how it will be structured, and finally write it. Don’t forget that you need to use appropriate language, citation styles, and write the required number of words. A lot of student’s find it hard to organize their thoughts and time, overcome procrastination, and meet the set deadlines. The following general information about essays is presented on this page: purpose of such assignments, difficulties, expectations and types of essays. Also, if you need help with your essay structure try to read an example that can be found on this page as well. So continue to read and see what our custom writing service has to say about essays.

Essays as an educational tool

Concluding from the brief history, an essay can therefore be described as a tool for one to present his or her views concerning a certain subject. Most countries use essays as an educational tool to test and improve the writing skills of students. Structured essay formats are taught in schools and later used in the evaluation of the students’ comprehension of coursework. Besides, institutions of higher learning such as universities also employ essays as a criterion in the selection and admission of applicants into specific disciplines. Continuous assessments, midterm and end of term exams are also tested using essays in fields such as social sciences. Thus, there are specified essay formats for such educational purposes. For instance, the use of the first person pronoun is discouraged. As such, the numerous usage of ‘The Essay’ leads to the need to classify or categorize essays according to the purpose they serve.

Professors/Instructors expectations in essays

As mentioned earlier, essays have a wide application today. Thus, the art of writing a good essay is very essential for every progressing student. The first step towards an excellent essay is winning your readers’ attention. Whether you are writing an academic, scholarship, admission, or any other type of essay, the list below will give you the tips on how to engage your reader and stand out!

  • Focus: every essay has a main topic or idea. This is also known as the thesis statement of your essay. It is the ‘heart’ of your essay! All you writing should be inclined towards supporting the primary single idea or thesis statement of your essay. Always remember that the main topic is always standard; not too broad to be fully addressed and not too narrow to be developed!
  • Development: In essay writing, this is the art of stating claims and supporting them with evidence. The formal arrangement of a paragraph in essay writing is a topic sentence followed by its elaboration, justification or evidence. Adhering to this format in your paragraphs is all your readers are looking for!
  • Reader consciousness: Different audiences have different needs; hence, a good essay should suit the reader’s requirements. The tone used in an essay should be appropriate for your readers. Most students make a common mistake of simple assumptions about aspects of their audience’s gender, religion, sexuality, class, etc. This should be avoided in essay writing to earn a higher score. The language level used in your essay should also match with the comprehension ability of your readers. Simply put, your essay should suit and meet the expectations of your audience, not you!
  • Organization: An excellent essay should be divided into well-organized paragraphs. Each paragraph should address a single idea which is usually introduced by a topic sentence. Additionally, your paragraphs should be arranged chronologically with the ideas of focus. The systematic arrangement should be aimed at supporting the thesis statement of the essay. Always make a skilled or sequential use of transitions between sentences and paragraphs.
  • Accuracy: Grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes should be avoided in essay writing. Sentences and paragraphs that are too long should also not be used as they make the essay boring to read and hard to comprehend.
  • References and Citations: Most essays require research from both primary and secondary sources. In such cases, correct in-text citations should be used whenever the writer borrows ideas from these.
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Best essay help

We help you overcome all the above listed challenges by giving you the best essay writing tips. We also offer highly competitive online essay writing services for all of your purposes: academic, admission, scholarship. Our writers are experts in the following types of college essays:

  • Persuasive Essays: they are types of essays aimed at proving the legitimacy of one idea over another one. Most students usually confuse them with argumentative essays.
  • Argumentative Essays: a type of an essay genre that is almost similar to that of persuasive essays. The student is expected to establish a position or opinion on the topic and support it with strong and logical evidence.
  • Compare and Contrast Essays: they are essays that give an analysis of both the similarities and differences between two varying subjects. This type of essay is easy to write. Most students end up writing them even when the instructions require them to write a different type of essay.
  • Cause and Effect Essays: they are essays that explain the occurrence of something and its impacts. The major difficulty that students encounter in this genre of essays is organization of events; causes and effects.
  • Reflective Essays: under this essay type, the writer provides a detailed examination of his or her experiences, progress or development through the experiences and future goals. Students often miss the objectivity while writing these types of essays.

More essays you can order from us:
  • Theory of Knowledge (ToK) Essays: unlike the other types of essays, ToK is a mandatory course for International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma students. A ToK essay entails a title that poses interdisciplinary questions about knowledge, where a student should raise claims and counter claims that relate the issues in question to areas of knowledge and ways of knowing. The writer is expected to use critical thinking and maintain originality in a ToK essay.
  • Analytical Essays: they are essays that give a clear examination and assessment of a specified aspect or the entire literary work. Thus, the writer is expected to separate varying components of the topic and discuss them in distinct paragraphs.
  • Expository Essays: these are essays in which the writer researches an idea, gives supporting evidence and clearly states an argument. Expository essays are based on facts and not personal opinions. This type of essay is usually confused with argumentative and persuasive essays by most writers!

Vancouver style essay format sample

Task details:

Since this Evidence-Based Care (EBC) assignment, compose a 3 page paper on the Pneumonia Respiratory disorder that is relevant to nursing practice. Briefly explain the etiology, pathophysiology, as well as clinical presentation.Discuss the preferred evidence-based treatment and include nursing considerations for patient teaching.

    Paper details

  • Academic Level: Undergrad. 3-4
  • Type of paper: Essay
  • Discipline: Nursing
  • Format: Vancouver
  • Words: 750
  • Deadline 5 Days
  • Price for similar paper: $51.98

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