Instructors are used to giving the same essay question to each class they taught, year in and out, which makes students more relaxed since all need to do is to borrow essays from those ahead of them and present them as their own. However, below are great essay topics that instructors should give students and make them more serious

1. Impacts of Prejudice and Stereotyping in our society

2. Factors motivating terrorists and assassins to kill.

3. Refugees and global transformations

4. Causes of illegal immigration

5. Functions of Religion

6. Media ethics

7. The impact of media on society.

8. Food fortification

9. Fast food nation.

10. Justification of the use of war as a dispute solving mechanism.

11. Should same-sex marriage be legalized?

12. Characteristics of a good shopping list

13. Have mechanization of labor caused poverty in the world today

14. Discuss the growth and development of mobile phones as a means of communication

15. The best channels of ending bullying in your school?

16. Explain the agents of socialization

17. Justify, technology has helped improve education

18. Are celebrities especially actors and professional athletes paid way too much?

19. Stereotypes in the Media

20. Discuss the negative and positive effects of social media

21. Symptoms of cigarette smoking

22. Discuss ecotourism

23. Should advertisement of harmful products like alcohol be banned?

24. What is the importance of extracurricular activities?

25. Debate the impact of global warming on the human race.

26. What is the one gadget that you could not live without? Explain.

27. The advantages of recycling especially of nylons.

28. Challenges alcohol addict face after rehabilitation.

29. Explain why ancient Greek mythology is still relevant today.

30. Justify, violent video games is not a cause of aggression

31. Sex education in public schools.

32. Pros of genetic engineering.

33. What do schools need to do to prepare students for the 21st Century?

34. Internet censorship

35. How much information should be on food labels? Explain.

36. Most typical cyber crimes

37. What is the role of parents in their children sex life?

38. What are the ethical issues in cloning, and use of surrogate mothers?

39. How is employee’s dress code related to their performance?

40. Importance of civil societies in good governance

41. How colonization of Africa has continued to affect them even after independence

42. Importance of the united nations in sustaining world peace and security

43. Discuss healthy eating habits

44. Identify and discuss various office layouts

45. Impacts of role models

46. Debate the various stylistic devices used in poems

47. Critic the principles of management

48. Secularization

49. Peaceful dispute mechanism

50. Healthy and unhealthy leisure activities