Every subject’s essay is unique in a particular way. It is undeniable how similar they are, in terms of arrangement. For example, every essay should have an introduction where a thesis is stated. Normally, it is the first paragraph provoking the reader’s curiosity; explains how the question is understood by the writer and delineates the terms necessary.

Typically, every essay will have a body that comes immediately after the introduction. This part contains all the information that should be addressed by the paper. It must have a conclusion. In the end, nothing new is introduced. Instead, everything is tagged together and a revisiting of the main points that requires emphasis. Despite these general similarities in all the subjects, every unit in A-level has its uniqueness. To understand how to write great essays at the A level, it is necessary to look at individual subjects done to understand their distinctiveness. Such subjects include English, History, French, Geography, Psychology and Science related courses.

History- It is a humanities subject, requiring specific skills that vary with those required in other subjects such as English. A history essay does not dispute the writer’s opinion; nonetheless, the writer’s opinion must be based on substantial analysis of evidence. The evidence is not always facts. An excellent history essay cogitates on the probable prejudice, the perspective and the interest of the writer from where he/she sources information. In this case, every point that is made is always backed up with evidence. For instance, if one says that the world war affected the global economy negatively or positively, they must give direct examples as evidence to show how that happened. Historian’s words are not quoted as evidence since typically, their utterances are perceived as opinions. If it is compulsory to quote a historian, it is advisable that a writer quotes them in the perspective of deliberating a scholarly opinion.

Science subjects- They comprise of Mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and psychology. These subjects are categorized together because of their similarities in their non-often use of essays and the parallelism that both require almost the same skills. However, psychology is not a pure science. Its classification under this category is simply because it is approached with a scientific mind-set like other pure sciences. The fundamentals of writing an essay as discussed earlier are similar in all essays: provision of an introduction body and conclusion for instance. Unlike other subjects’ essays like history, scientific essays are direct to the point and do not offer room for opinions unless where it is required.

The essays start with a hypothesis that is disapproved or approved by the rest of the paper with research-based evidence. In many other essays, the words cause and effect could mean the same thing. In science, it is significant to take note that they are different. The methodology may possess some limitations that must be outlined while writing a science essay.

Geography- It crisscrosses the humanity and science subjects. Its uniqueness is sourced from both science and humanities, depending on whether the geography essay is from a science or humanity perspective.

Languages- In the UK, they include English literature and French. Essay in languages and literature are supposed to demonstrate proficiency and clarity in communication, unlike other essays where the message communicated is what is important.