Nursing - There are approximately 2,824,641 registered nurses in the US. Almost one fourth of them are licensed practical nurses. How do you know that you want to become a nurse? And if this is an internal desire, which unit you want to work in? We have prepared an infographic listing nursing TV series that can offer answers to these questions. Couple of nurses on various websites commented that some of these TV shows actually helped them to decide, which unit they want to work in. “Nursing is the gentle art of caring” – we all agree.

Are the doctors responsible for ensuring that the medical field keeps moving? The answer is a big NO. You hardly see them for they have to spend countless hours diagnosing medical problems. While the medical field cannot run without them, they are not the only individuals who keep things moving in the field. Nurses are the most important people in the health sector. They continuously take care of the patients while attending to their needs. They always keep the doctors informed and full of activity. Technicians are made aware of their duties by the nurses. Without them, the medical facilities are hard to run.

Writing skills are vital in the nursing field. They help the nurses to unmistakably and succinctly document the plan-of-care for patients using the appropriate nursing process. The quality of the nurses' notes and the quality of their care plan depends on the nurse's ability to develop critically, analyze and effectively communicate the plan of care. However, the nursing notes are legal documents and do not require the principles learned in the scholarly writing. The skills acquired when writing the nursing papers do not apply when developing the notes. The ability to write a successful academic article is just essential for successful completion of the nursing degree. Therefore, writing well is just a prerequisite for the pursuit of advanced nursing edification.

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