Managing time can be a tough nut to crack with all those assignments, tests, practicals, and what not. For a college student with so much to do and only twenty-four hours in a day, managing time is critical for success. Here are some effective time management strategies for college students to end up in the crème de la crème from the lot:

Effective Planning

The very first step to reach any great goal is to plan effectively. This is the point where everything starts, and the key is to keep things simple here.

The Steps to Create an Effective Plan of Action are as Follows:

Write Everything: Do you have a lot to do and don’t know from where to start? The first thing you need to get out of your way is the mess. Write everything - all the dates for the various assignments, tests, classes to attend, etc. - on a piece of paper. This will transfer the mess from your head to the notebook, and you can objectively assess the urgency of all the tasks and plan accordingly.

Create a master plan: The next step is to create an exhaustive plan. Prioritize the activities and pick out the tasks that can wait and focus on urgent tasks. For instance, if you have to prepare for an internal exam and also write an assignment, then prioritize the work which is urgent or more important.

Set Milestones: So, you have a focus in place now. The next step is to break down the master plan into simpler elements. Let's assume you have to write an assignment. Break down the assignment into simpler and smaller tasks such as research, structure, key sub-topics and their word limit, etc. and assign time to each of these activities. Ask yourself a few questions such as what will make the assignment a great piece of work, how can you save time in completing each task, should I outsource a part of the work, etc. Don’t make your plan of action too hectic. The idea is to have simple workflows and efficient execution of work without creating a burnout.

Make time for pleasure: It is important to make time for pleasure activities in your plan of action. You know well that, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” You don’t want to be dull, do you? Find hobbies that give you pleasure and assign time for it in your schedule. It is a good way to refresh your system and to ward off whatever stress you must be building with all that work.

Use Technology: Use technology to do more in less time. Several apps can help you plan your day more efficiently. Evernote is one such app that acts as a calendar and a to-do list, allowing you to keep your entire schedule in one place. Evernote uses machine learning to gather information about the user’s habits and routines to suggest the best possible times to schedule new jobs and other chores. It is an efficient and straightforward to use the app to plan and schedule all your tasks at one place properly!

Flawless Execution

No plan will help you achieve your goals until you execute it effectively. Great plans can easily go haywire if they’re not organised properly. You need to organize your tasks to make them simple and achievable without taking much toll on your self.

Take the Following Steps to Organize your Tasks to Ensure Proper Execution:

Create a Schedule: Create a schedule for daily activities and planned work. For instance, fix a time for sleeping, exercise and other general stuff which is necessary to live a healthy life. Don’t compromise on these activities as it has potential to disrupt your entire plan. Similarly, develop a schedule for studying without any interruption. For example, take out at least two hours a day, only for study purposes. During this time, avoid all sort of distractions such as internet browsing, phone calls, etc. and focus solely on studies. This will boost your productivity and keep you motivated to do well in your life.

Create reminders for tasks: After having a proper plan and order for doing things you don’t want to miss out on a particular task, thereby, changing the entire course of action, do you? To properly manage your tasks you need to create reminders, to-do lists, notes etc. for effective implementation of your plan of action. One excellent way to do this is through an app called, Any Do. Its an iOS/Android app that allows you to organize your day by creating reminders, to-do lists, notes, and events and store them on an easy-to-use Any Do interface.

Practice More

Time management, like communication or driving skills, can be perfected with practice. You can’t drive a car with ease just by learning the gear transmissions techniques. It takes time, patience and practice to master any skill. Thus, you need to practice time management skills to achieve mastery in the same. Don’t feel disappointed if you can’t follow your plans efficiently. Give yourself time and keep trying until you succeed.

Use e-Learning

In the recent years, e-Learning has come to be no less than a revolution in the learning methods of students all over the world. The primary advantage it has is it’s cost and time effectiveness. You have the convenience of learning at your own pace and according to your comfort. e-Learning eliminates the need for travel for classroom-based training, thus saving a lot of time. It can be used as an excellent alternative for the conventional classroom-based training and give you enough time to manage your other plans and tasks. Take the advantage free e-Learning sites to learn new concepts. Participate in relevant forums and provide and seek help when needed.

Concluding Words

With effective planning, proper organization and by using technology, you can finally bid adieu to the ever going complaint about the dearth of time and get your work done efficiently and stress-free! Remember that a happy mind is a prerequisite to creating great things. So, focus on your actions and stay away from stress to boost your productivity continuously.