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10 tips how you can cheat on exams

Published under Tips on writing On 12 May 2015

<p><a href="">Help me with my exams</a> ! Hardly we are able to know everything. And the more we learn and teach, the more we understand it. It is unlikely even at the first year at college that you can meet someone who never cheated.</p>

How to write a paper one hour before it is due

Published under Tips on writing On 24 May 2015

<p>It's time to talk about how to write texts fast. Many people do not like to write, as the work on the article cost them a few hours or even a whole day. If you write texts for yourself – It will <a href="">help you to do an article</a> sooner by obvious reasons. If you write it for someone – you save time by applying a system of proper organization of work.</p>

How to write ​Article review

Published under Tips on writing On 03 Jun 2015

<p>Reviewing an article is summarizing, evaluating and offering critical comment on the article’s idea and content. It provides description, analysis and interpretation that allow the readers to evaluate the article. Primary goal of an article review should be to read and understand the article, analyze the findings and arguments, and assess and comment on the article.</p>

​The Eminence of Film and Theater Studies

Published under Tips on writing On 11 Jun 2015

<p>Through the interpretation both in Film and Theater a student of essays on film and theater studies can learn and transform himself into a versatile actor, active and open to potential jobs and projects arising within the Performing Arts. In this training, a student can learn to let go with the body, voice and speech, to improvise fictional scenes, work texts fluently, to express emotions and to give them an art form.</p>

How to Write a Critique

Published under Tips on writing On 25 Jun 2015

<p>A critique is a category of academic writing that evaluates or analysis critically a literary or artwork. It must include an identification, a summary, and the critical evaluation of the work. The format of a critique is not complicated at all; the 'introduction, body and conclusion' format of an essay is applied in critique writing.</p>

How to write a college paper

Published under Tips on writing On 26 Jun 2015

<p>There is a difference between writing a high school paper and writing a college paper. Generally, <a href="">articles written by the college students</a> follow a definite procedure to ensure that you select the appropriate theme; find the best points that make it possible for you to elaborate making sure your readers can grasp what you want to deliver. It’s also a requirement to justify what you put down and make a stand on what you think of what you were doing.</p>

How To Write A Good Thesis

Published under Tips on writing On 28 Jun 2015

<p>A graduate research is distinct in that it has an original impact to knowledge; hence, <a href="">the purpose of a master's thesis</a> is to prove that the study actually made an original contribution or impact to knowledge; this is what the examiners will use to assess your master’s thesis. When writing the thesis, therefore, seek to prove the uniqueness of your work and its contribution to knowledge!</p>

How To Write A Book Critique

Published under Tips on writing On 29 Jun 2015

<p>A book critique is not equivalent to a book review. Most people confuse the two to be the same. Here is the difference for you! A book review writing is a summarized version of the book. A book critique, on the other hand, is both an analysis and an evaluation of the book. In a book critique, more attention is given to the assessment of the book and not the summary. You assume that your audience has read the book; hence it is your critical analysis that could be essential to them.</p>

Cheap custom writing

Published under Tips on writing On 02 Jul 2015

<p>You are required to finish a class task urgently within a short time. However, you are not in a position to do this because of such reasons like the tutor discussed the concept of class while you were absent, you are busy tied with office work, you are shaking in bed from the flu or you simply have no clue where to start from. When you do not want these circumstances to jeopardize your grades, then consider seeking <a href="">assistance from reliable writers</a> you can trust for a quality essay. We offer cheap writing services that meet clients’ needs by boosting their grades.</p>

Writing Help with your Theology and Religion Assignments

Published under Tips on writing On 20 Jul 2015

<p>Theology is the study of God and his features. It is the belief and worship of a supernatural being. Theology and religion essays are no different with other papers in the way they are structured. However, it is important to look at the questions first. While <a href="">writing an essay in theology and religion</a>, understanding the question is essential. The essay writer should then embark on a thorough research characterized by looking for appropriate reference points and taking of notes. The notes are then well arranged through the structuring of the essay. The essay will then begin with a heading. The title is written at the beginning of the essay and should be precise with a fundamental meaning of the essay.</p>

How to write a creative brief

Published under Tips on writing On 15 Aug 2015

<p>From user to user, every brief varies in use, formatting and style. Still, a brief is used to prepare or give instruction by giving an abstract of the pertinent facts. So depending on the user emphasis will be different, thus varying formats. For instance a business organization or firm, will write a brief to inform impending suppliers, what they wish to achieve, they target market and supplementary information they deem necessary. A lawyer is also required to <a href="">write a brief arguing for clients</a>. An excellent brief substantiates a case leading to their winning of the case. Despite this, a creative brief should involve various things and carry various features as will be seen below.</p>

How to write a research paper

Published under Tips on writing On 26 Aug 2015

<p>You are expected to write a research paper at the end of a research you conducted. Your professor requires you to demonstrate supremacy and excellence in this assignment so that he gets a <a href="">quality research report</a> from you. You are sweating as you browse in the library textbooks on how you will achieve this task. Do not worry; this webpage will take you through the essential steps of developing a good research paper that will earn you high scores.</p>

How to write a college essay

Published under Tips on writing On 13 Sep 2015

<p>You are preparing to join a college to pursue your dream, and you <a href="">need to develop your college application essay</a> that will tell the admission officers your skills and qualifications. Your college essay reveals what scores and grades cannot tell about your personality and skills. Therefore, you need to draft a quality article that will bring out your desired character and display your unique writing skills to admission officers. This article will outline the steps you will follow to develop a college essay that will earn you an admission.</p>

9 Tips for Multiple Choice Questions

Published under Tips on writing On 13 Sep 2015

<p>Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) tests are very common today. Most competitive exams will contain a section or the whole paper MCQ test. Most learning institutions conduct admission tests in MCQ format. Most employers also have also adopted the MCQ style of recruiting candidates. MCQ's have won the wide application due to their excellence in testing three primary areas;</p>

Research Proposal Tips

Published under Tips on writing On 22 Sep 2015

<p>To graduate in your field of study, you must successfully write a research proposal! To further your education, say to Ph.D. level, your admission application will most likely be attached to your research proposal! This is a very essential document! It may be intended to request for a research grant or sponsorship, or for academic purposes. The proposal should portray your competence to undertake the research.</p>

Tips to Writing a Professional Article Review

Published under Tips on writing On 24 Sep 2015

<p>An article review is no different from a critique. However, it should not be confused with a summary. Your review should generally contain a synopsis of the main ideas of the author, followed by your evaluation of the work. A professional approach is paramount in writing an article review. Readers of your review might use it to make decisions concerning the article; hence your work should not be misleading! Remember, the audience of your review is most likely to be composed of persons that are either conversant or highly knowledgeable in the field. Below are steps to guide you to develop a professional, ethics based and non-biased article review.</p>

Criminal Justice Papers

Published under Tips on writing On 23 Oct 2015

<p>It doesn't matter if you are still thinking about a career in the criminal justice system or fully integrated into it. Our Criminal Justice Infographic will have something for everyone. Maybe you will find a book that will show you a different side of the criminal justice system, which you haven't though about. Perhaps official FBI crime stats will make you start thinking about a career in this system. You just never know.</p>