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Many assignments in law courses require students to demonstrate their ability to translate their theoretical knowledge to practice. Arguing before a court of law is insufficient when mounting an argument that would sway minds and sometimes, emotions. One also has to write well to present evidence and convince audiences. The law itself is divided into several specialties with each one of them dealing with a specific issue. For instance, there is international law, administrative law, competition law, insurance law, labor law, taxation, family law, corporation law, and media law. Each of the specialty requires a certain approach to presenting evidence. Nonetheless, legal writings serve the same purpose: - defend a position regarding an issue. Detailing the challenges encountered in each type of law in this document is not feasible due to the limited amount of space. However, there are some problems common to all legal novices. They include the following.

  • Most students err by incorporating judicial opinions in their work. One should know that these judicial opinions serve very different purposes in the determination of a case. They are typically used to reflect the line of thought of the judge or magistrate in making a certain ruling or judgment. Incorporating a judge’s opinions in your paper implies that your thesis or argument is borrowed from the perspective of another person. Besides, you will discover that you do not have enough space or time in writing your paper when you incorporate opinions. This challenge arises because you will need to include both the supporting and dissenting opinions. One would rather include legal memos and briefs because they include relevant legal and constitutional citations.
  • The majority of students compromise the objectivity of their arguments by writing legalese. In this case, a student copies the authoring style of the articles she or he read. The student confuses the legal jargon with the expected conventions of the legal profession. A particular problem that is evident to all law students in their first year at college is the inability to distinguish jargon words from “terms of the art.” Amicus Curia is an example of the “term of the art.” They tend to use jargons instead of the terms in condensing complex ideas. A student using these terms should do so sparingly and consistently across a document lest it becomes unreadable to non-legal audiences.
  • Citation problems remain a big challenge to students studying law and constitutional law. Most students have difficulty paraphrasing legal language because they believe they would alter the original meaning of certain laws, clauses, or bills. For that matter, their works are replete with unnecessary quotes that distort their arguments and increase the plagiarism rates of their documents. This problem is prevalent in papers concerning torts and the process of law, class action suits, history of law, and philosophy of law. The papers above require students to argue their positions regarding a particular issue yet they find it challenging because they cite inappropriately. In fact, most of them can hardly distinguish one citation style from another one.

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