Learning the art of essay writing does not solely depend on how your teacher handles the topic ‘Essay Writing’ in class. More factors count, but the most important of all is the meaning of the cliché, ‘Practice Practice Makes Perfect.’ Topic selection is also vital towards the crafting of a top quality essay. A high school student, for instance, may not be able to develop an excellent essay, given a sophomore level topic. An interesting essay topic also triggers creativity in a student. Hence, we have listed for you 65 perfect essay topics for high school students that will greatly enhance not only your interest in the art of writing, but also make the learning process more enjoyable.

But just before we let you start your journey to perfection in essay writing, please remember that essays have a structure that must be adhered to. An opening paragraph should clearly introduce the topic or the argument aspect of the essay. The body can be several paragraphs where the writer is expected to do the write up! Depending on the type of essay you are writing, let your ideas in the body of the essay flow chronologically without breaks or splits. For instance, if it is an argumentative essay, analyze the available data, give both the arguments and counterarguments, and finally your views on the issue. The concluding paragraph should briefly summarize the essay topic, argument, and your stand on the matter. If your essay is not an imaginative narrative, remember to do some research on the topic before you start prodding your pen on the paper. Enjoy!

  1. Capital Punishment/ Death Sentence is allowed in some States in the U.S. Do you think it should be allowed or abolished in all States?
  2. Should Vital Organs be donated or sold to needy patients for transplant?
  3. Discuss the causes and possible remedies to racism today?
  4. Drugs advertising and its effects on teens.
  5. Effects of beliefs in traditional medicine.
  6. The effects of Divorce on children.
  7. Tattooing and body piercing as a style and its implications in the society.
  8. Health impacts of fast foods/junk food.
  9. Economic and Social impacts of gang robbery in urban centers and beyond
  10. Discuss the plight of illegal immigrants in a foreign land. Should they be registered as citizens or sent back to their countries?
  11. Pros and cons of video games on children
  12. Advantages and disadvantages of highway speed limits.
  13. Campaign finance in a way determines the outcome of federal elections in America? Should the use of money during election campaigns be considered as a form of corruption?
  14. The relationship between poverty and crime.
  15. Discuss argumentatively on the relevance of massive expenditures on funerals.
  16. Reasons for the increasing high school drop outs and possible solutions.
  17. Should the social rights of convicted criminals be upheld or scrapped off?
  18. Should legalization of gay marriages be a matter of discussion?
  19. Individual responsibility to take care of the environment.
  20. Are parents to blame for loose morals of their children?
  21. Is euthanasia/mercy killing ethical or not?
  22. The impacts of rap and hip hop videos and lyrics on the behavior and language of teenagers.
  23. Is there a relationship between education and success in life?
  24. Giving real life situations, discuss the benefits and drawbacks of telling a lie.
  25. Discuss the importance of technological advancements.
  26. Advantages and disadvantages of the internet to high school students.
  27. Should elementary and high school students be allowed to have cell phones at school?
  28. Should the age for legal driving be raised from sixteen to eighteen or even twenty-one years?
  29. Sugary food stuffs are the cause of the rising prevalence of overweight and childhood diabetes among teens and children in the U.S. Discuss and give possible remedies to the problem.
  30. What are the pros and cons of separate boys’ and girls’ schools?
  31. Is it better to live and school in big cities or smaller towns?
  32. Discuss on whether the use of a cell phone while driving whether on a hands free device, or directly using the handset, should be made legal or illegal.
  33. Discuss the importance of the Baseball in the history of Americans.
  34. Imagine you were made the United States of America’s president for one day only. Discuss the improvements and changes you can bring to your country or State.
  35. Write an argumentative essay on the relevance of uniforms in high schools.
  36. Some hard drugs such as marijuana have some health benefits. Should these drugs be legalized or not?
  37. A single computer can hold a library of soft textbooks. Discuss whether notebook computers should replace hard copies of textbooks.
  38. Arts subjects should be included in schools’ standardized tests. Discuss.
  39. Technological communication gadgets such as computers and mobile phones negatively affect relationships and interpersonal communication skills as people concentrate on social media and instant messaging chats and ignore other people present in their physical environment. Discuss, making use of specific examples.
  40. Should parents give financial allowances to their children or should they shop for them instead?
  41. Genetically modified foods (GMOs) have more benefits than drawbacks. Discuss.
  42. The use of public transport, biking and walking should be encouraged to help minimize air and noise environmental pollution issues. Discuss.
  43. With the knowledge that the planting of trees, recycling and minimal use of personal cars lowers environmental pollution, we are to blame for global warming. Discuss.
  44. The media companies usually interfere with the private lives of politicians and celebrities. Discuss this statement, supporting or objecting it.
  45. Sports are among the best-paying activities today. Discuss whether the sports heroes deserve the high compensations.
  46. Discuss whether or not sport fishing is a breach of the animal rights.
  47. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of online degree programs.
  48. Discuss making your suggestions on school holidays/breaks, mentioning the two and a half long summer vacation.
  49. Locking up animals in zoos and orphanages for tourism attraction is a breach of animal rights. Discuss your stand on the issue.
  50. Online custom writing services are illegitimate and they jeopardize the quality of education in schools. Discuss.
  51. Discuss why there are so many school dropouts in America and how the problem can be curbed.
  52. Write an argumentative essay about the benefits of credit cards in high school students.
  53. Using your imagination, write an essay describing how a world with no rules would be like.
  54. The invention of nuclear weapons significantly contributed to world peace. Discuss.
  55. Are the massive annual expenditures on space explorations worth it?
  56. Why reciting the oath of allegiance in American elementary schools should/should not be voluntary.
  57. Discuss why sex education is crucial in schools and suggest, giving reasons, the level at which this education should be delivered.
  58. Discuss the causes of poverty and hunger in third world countries. Suggest possible remedies to the problem.
  59. What caused the occurrence of the Great Depression era in America? Can such a period occur again?
  60. Discuss how you would prepare a balanced diet meal for your family for lunch.
  61. Discuss the significance of high priced brand names in the name of fashion.
  62. The voluntary HIV testing and counseling should be made compulsory for those who test positive to start taking drugs early. Discuss.
  63. Should morning-after pills and other birth control methods be made available to high school students for free?
  64. Discuss the methods high school students should use to fight stress at school.
  65. Discuss what an individual high school student can do to protect and conserve the environment.

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