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A thesis is a crucial component of both masters and Ph.D. degrees. It is the research and writing that advance new knowledge, supported by existing literature and buttressed by the findings from the study. Thesis writing process needs a lot of attention and effort. The whole process is both painstaking and time-consuming. Unfortunately, many students who try to undertake the process end up failing. Instead of taking the risk, seek help from professional thesis writers. We offer online custom thesis writing services at a pocket-friendly fee.

A professional thesis writer will save your precious time and prevent you from academic failure. An excellent service will enable you defend your thesis successfully, leading to your graduation. However, a hastily written thesis paper can delay your graduation. It is advisable to seek reliable service from experienced writers and focus on other important things. When you order your thesis to be written by us, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

Write your paper from a scratch - a thesis is expected to contain original research information. There should be evidence of a thorough investigation of the topic under study. Therefore, it is worth to write the paper from scratch to retain its originality.

Guaranteed zero plagiarism thesis - professors Mark a thesis and later avail it to the university or college library. It might also be published in a journal recognized globally. Therefore, any form of plagiarism cannot go unnoticed. In case of cheating, your degree can be cancelled. To avoid such severe ramifications, leave the wok to the experts who will deliver a 100% plagiarism free thesis.

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Writing master’s degree thesis

A master’s degree thesis is a long paper that sums up all the work and experience gained during the study period. Successful completion of a thesis shows that the student is ready for the culmination of the master's program. It is advisable whether you will write a thesis or not, because some universities provide non-thesis master programs.

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It is a long paper written by the student during the last semesters of the studies. It requires the student to do a lot of research. Many methods are used to collect the relevant data during the research time. They include interviews, experiments, observations and electronic sources from existing literature among others. Writing a master’s thesis allows the student to use the research and writing skills learned during his/her study period. It also serves as a proof of the gained knowledge in a given field of study. A custom master's thesis will:

  • Demonstrate the student's awareness and authority on a thesis topic.
  • Portrays the student’s original and critical thinking capability.
  • The thesis shows the mastery of the content of the topic by the student.
  • The satisfactory thesis demonstrates the speaking and thinking skills of the student.

The student has to defend his/her thesis before the board of examiners. He/she has to answer rigorous questions from the professors and fellow students. After the defense, the thesis paper can be published to help the author gain a grip in the field of study.

Master’s thesis statement

It is a definite statement that can be proven by the master's student. In this regard, the student needs to provide the necessary evidence. After doing the research, the student critically thinks about the results and then formulates the thesis statement. The statement carries the main idea of the project. Sometimes it is tough for a student to make up the mind and create a thesis statement. During such a moment, it is advisable to contact us because we are professional thesis writers, having done quite a number of papers to a good number of students global. Our papers have won several rewards. This has helped us to remain at the top of the industry’s online thesis service providers. This clearly explains our uncompromised services in terms of ensuring a timely delivery of mistake-free and high-level thesis papers.

Are you looking for a Ph.D. degree?

A successful Ph.D. candidate portrays the ability to:

  • Discover something new / at least one contribution to knowledge in a subsection of a chosen area of study.
  • Place his/her independent and novel contribution to an area of study, comparing it critically to other studies.
  • Defend the thesis before the examiners, who are the experts in the field of research.

It is a monograph setting of a precise problem worked on by the Ph.D. student under the guidance of academic advisors. In the study, the problem is defined and the existing approaches to the problem reviewed. Through critical analysis, a loophole in the study is identified. A proposed explanation or solution to the problem (hypothesis) is spelled out. The tasks that must be undertaken to decide on the theory is explained in sufficient details and justified by the thesis. An excellent thesis describes the constraint of the work that was done or the supposition drawn. It further outlines probable imminent investigation directions. It should possess the following characteristics:

Novelty - as a Ph.D. student, you are required to discover new facts. The work must have a high level of originality be mistake free and depict a high capability of critical thinking.

Depth, not breadth! - a Ph.D. thesis should contain novel information confined to a narrow area of study. The small field of study is sufficient for an independent research that conforms to academic standards. A successful completion of the Ph.D. portrays one’s ability to consider a given problem to a considerable depth. However, the breadth of the study is not of significant meaning when it comes to this kind of paper.

Planned or opportune? - the innovative aspect of the Ph.D. thesis may be well planned despite the aspect being discovered later. The later discovery of the novel trait may lead to the rewriting of the actual thesis.

The Viva - viva is the discussion between the Ph.D. student and independent experts in the field. Sometimes the supervisors and observers may be present. The two experts examine whether the thesis represents the student’s work. Other functions of the experts include:

  • Test whether the student can defend the choices made in the argument or not.
  • Examine whether the represented work is sufficient in novelty or not.
  • The experts will consider the sufficiency of the work’s quality and scale.
  • Consider whether the data, experiments and the analysis support the drawn conclusions.

How to write a thesis

The care required when writing the Ph.D. thesis is far much compared to the one needed for the master's degree thesis. It has a format similar to the one of other research papers.

  • Introduction
  • Motivation
  • Related work
  • Experiments
  • Conclusion

The experiments explain the methodology and experimental design. The method includes the data sets and how to obtain them. All the methods should be described and justified.

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Instructions to use when writing a postgraduate thesis

Where can I get tips that will help me write my thesis? Time to worry is no more because we have come to your rescue. Writing a postgraduate thesis is a substantial undertaking, and should not be taken lightly. Writing of the master's degree thesis may seem to be a simpler task compared to writing the Ph.D. thesis. However, the approach to the two is the same. Below are some facts to consider that can make the journey to writing your thesis easy.

The structure of the thesis paper can take a consensus without making a unique structure. However, sometimes it depends on the institution. A postgraduate student should, therefore, discuss the best structure to use with his/her supervisor.

Thesis structure

  • Title page – it is the opening page. It contains pertinent information about the thesis.
  • Abstract – it provides a brief summary of the project, including the background, methodology, and its findings.
  • Table of contents – it refers to the list of chapters, figure and tables contained in the thesis.
  • Chapter 1 – it is the background of the study. It describes the problem justification of the project.
  • Chapter 2 – it is the literature review, which is a summary of the writing that supports the project.
  • Chapter 3 – it forms the methodology that describes the method used in carrying out the research.
  • Chapter 4-6 – it is the data analysis section, which is a detailed description of the techniques used to analyse the research data.
  • Chapter 7 – is the discussion and represents the key findings based on the data analysed.
  • Bibliography – it comprises the list of all the references cited in the thesis.
  • Appendices – these are extra materials used in the research.

The time to begin writing your paper depends on the range of your research project. Some projects have a narrow scope; hence, are short. Mostly, one may be in a position to write much of the thesis before the study is complete. Others are long and may require the sustained writing of the thesis as the research is being conducted. However, some sections of the thesis should be written as early as possible because of the following reasons:

  • Academic writing improves with practice. The first steps of writing are demanding, but the task becomes easier as one writes the thesis paper.
  • Note down the information somewhere while still fresh in your mind. If you allow yourself to forget them, you will waste a lot of time structuring your thesis.
  • The first draft of the thesis serves as the rough draft. Making revisions on the first draft follows before the final draft is prepared. Therefore, if you begin your work early, you will have ample time to refine it.
  • As one writes, new ideas begin to flow. The reason behind this is that thinking and writing go hand in hand. The earlier you begin to write, the more ideas you will generate.

Finding a way to organize your bibliography prevents you from losing the piling data to be included in the thesis. Create a database of the sources used. Store the necessary information of each source so that you can use it to cite sources appropriately.

Do you want to risk losing your postgraduate degree? Avoid the copy and paste technique of information gathering because it makes your work to lose its originality. Do proper in-text citation whenever you use other people's information. Read, decipher and paraphrase the text sections that you get from the literature materials. Proofread your work and ensure it has a high and acceptable level, is 100% mistake-free and plagiarism free.

When formatting your work, consult your supervisor. Learn about the form that is used in your department or institution.

From the above description of the masters and Ph.D. thesis writing, it is very clear that the whole process is painstaking. Therefore, it’s advisable to seek postgraduate thesis help from the experts in writing a Ph.D. thesis. We are an online company that offer the ‘help me write my thesis' services. We have a team of dynamic, talented and professional academic writers who provide relief to any masters and Ph.D. student by providing high level, mistake free and original thesis papers written from scratch.

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