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Write for Our Blog

Thank you for showing interest in writing for the Writers Per Hour blog!

Before you send us blog post ideas, please review this page. We get a lot of submissions, so carefully reviewing what we’re looking for will help save us both time in the long run.

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Guest Contributor Guidelines

  • Our audience


    • High school and college students
    • People who want to improve their academic and creative writing skills

    1. Topics


      • Academic writing
      • General writing tips and tricks
      • College and student life
      • Internships and careers

        In general, the aim of our blog posts is to educate readers and offer actionable advice.

      1. Writing & formatting rules


        • Original, non-promotional content only
        • Word count: Minimum 1,500 words
        • Tone: conversational, helpful and friendly
        • Write in American English
        • Well-researched and supported by research, statistics and evidence
        • Use title case for the article heading and all sub-headings to follow sentence case
        • Break the article into smaller parts and apply the H2 or H3 style to the subheadings
        • Use numbered and/or bulleted lists to explain processes or steps

        1. Links


          • Credit original & credible sources
          • Add relevant external links
          • Only 1 backlink per article

          1. Imagery


            Use visuals that add value, in the form of:

            • Screenshots
            • Graphs
            • Charts
            • Visual brand examples
            • Videos

              Please avoid using stock photos in the article. We only accept stock images for the header image. Use royalty-free websites for stock images (eg. Unsplash, Pexels, etc.).

            1. Submitting a guest post to Writers Per Hour


              Ready to submit a guest post to the Writers Per Hour blog? Here’s how you can pitch to us:

                1. Send at least 3 topic ideas (+ outlines) to with the subject line – Guest post pitch
                2. We will review the topics and let you know once we agree on a topic
                3. Draft the article with the above guidelines in mind
                4. Send us the completed article as a Google doc. (with editing permissions turned on for “anyone with the link.”)
                5. Include your headshot and bio (2-3 sentences) at the bottom of the article. You can add 1 link to your website in the bio

              • What happens next?


                Our team will review your submission and get back to you if your article is accepted. If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks, please feel free to submit your guest post elsewhere.