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How to write a Persuasive or Argumentative Research Paper in Business Management

Published under Tips from Writers On 08 Aug 2017

Does the idea of writing an argumentative research paper on Business Management sound like an intimidating task for you? Are you struggling even to get started with a persuasive research paper? Do you even consider to pay online to write argumentative research papers for you? If your answer to these questions is yes, then we are here to help you in writing that excellent argumentative paper that is sure to help you score better.

How to choose a right eLearning Course

Published under Study Effectively On 08 Aug 2017

eLearning has become the talk of the town for educational organizations in the recent times. More and more institutions are now adding eLearning to their arsenal of teaching tools. In this digital age, it is what learners want(Insights report), and is also a smart and cost effective way to learn.

8 Effective Study Habits for College Students

Published under Study Effectively On 08 Aug 2017

Managing studies along with the plethora of things that transpire in the life of a college student can be a difficult thing. Since college is a different ballpark altogether, students who used to be bright in their schooling years end up seeing their marks deteriorating drastically. Here are the 8 effective study habits college students can follow to bring their train to success back on the right track.

Time Management Strategies for College Students

Published under Career Advices On 08 Aug 2017

Managing time can be a tough nut to crack with all those assignments, tests, practicals, and what not. For a college student with so much to do and only twenty-four hours in a day, managing time is critical for success. Here are some effective time management strategies for college students to end up in the crème de la crème from the lot.

Five tips and tricks to use Quora for Education

Published under Study Effectively On 08 Aug 2017

Quora is one the best forums to seek answers to almost all questions. Anyone can ask almost anything, and they will get immediate answers. The users can upvote or downvote an answer based on the quality of its content. They can also flag misleading or overly promotional answers which are then investigated and removed from the forum if required.

How to Analyze Ethical Considerations in Marketing Practices

Published under Tips from Writers On 21 Jun 2017

As a part of the academic assignment, do you have to analyze ethical considerations in marketing practices, but don’t know what exactly needs to be done? Since Marketing field has a broad scope, many students get confused about how to cover all the topics related to ethics in marketing.

Challenges in Writing a Research Proposal in Marketing

Published under Knowledge Cell On 19 Jun 2017

Whether you are a graduate student or doing your Ph.D., conducting research is an integral part of being a scholar-practitioner with credibility to effect social change. Market research is at the helm of addressing the seven P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, Process and Physical Evidence. Writing a Research Proposal is the first step towards writing a paper or an academic assignment.

Stress Management Tips for Students

Published under Career Advices On 11 Jun 2017

According to a 2013 survey by Nightlife Association, 65% of the students feel stressed. Anxiety and fear are the primary reasons for stress in a majority of the students. They have to deal with several things at once.

How to Write a Criminal Law Paper

Published under Custom Writing Blog On 10 Mar 2016

<p>A criminal law paper entails a form of writing that aims to persuade individuals on a particular angle of law that regulates social behavior and bans or limits whatever is harmful or threatening (Allen, 2013). It seeks to show one's understanding of criminal law and, therefore, qualifies the student for a reward or good grade. There are several types of criminal law papers. The paper depends on the crime that one is discussing. Crimes include fraud, homicide, and theft. There may be different types of criminal cases that apply differently, but they all follow a similar guideline.</p>

Religion and Theology Studies

Published under Infographics On 26 Nov 2015

<p>This post includes an infographic that is divided into sections, each section is dedicated to one of the following areas: agnosticism, existence of God, God and evil, systematic theology, and religious ethics. Each section lists religion topics for research papers and books. Even though there are tons of books and collections of theology essays, we have included only some of the best theology and religion books.</p>

Nursing Essay Papers

Published under Infographics On 18 Nov 2015

<p>Nursing - There are approximately 2,824,641 registered nurses in the US. Almost one fourth of them are licensed practical nurses. How do you know that you want to become a nurse? And if this is an internal desire, which unit you want to work in? We have prepared an infographic listing nursing TV series that can offer answers to these questions. Couple of nurses on various websites commented that some of these TV shows actually helped them to decide, which unit they want to work in and also we can help to write best nursing essay from scratch....</p>

Advantages of Free Online Education

Published under Infographics On 12 Nov 2015

<p>No matter where you are heading, knowledge is something that’s needed in every dream profession. The good news is that it is something that is offered now by both traditional and free online education. In some fields it can be acquired through experience, but there is no doubt about it: without fundamental knowledge it is hard to move in any direction. Read the full post about the benefits of eLearning and get a dose of motivation! </p>

Custom History Papers

Published under Infographics On 05 Nov 2015

<p>If writing a history research paper or an essay is not your only goal and this subject actually fascinates you. Then this infographic will show you different TV channels, networks, and series that will allow you to gain more knowledge in this field. All these channels offer different types of series and programs (from factual to pseudo-scientific entertainment programs), which are all related to history. Also you can find at the end of the post some amazing links to the best YouTubeHistory Channels. Find the one that you will enjoy the most!</p>

Law papers

Published under Infographics On 26 Oct 2015

<p>If you are wondering how it feels to be a silk, hot-shot LA lawyer or a child advocate, this infographic might help. It might be useful even if you have already got a college or university degree and joined a law firm or started your career by working as a clerk who is pushing papers. We have done some research, picked our brains, and asked our professional writers in order to put together this list of top legal TV shows.</p><p>Writers Per Hour offers custom writing service, we recruit a lot of great specialists in many different fields, including law. In just a couple of steps you can order any *type of paper*. We have made landing pages where you can order an essay or get help with a report. Enjoy!</p>

Criminal Justice Papers

Published under Tips on writing On 23 Oct 2015

<p>It doesn't matter if you are still thinking about a career in the criminal justice system or fully integrated into it. Our Criminal Justice Infographic will have something for everyone. Maybe you will find a book that will show you a different side of the criminal justice system, which you haven't though about. Perhaps official FBI crime stats will make you start thinking about a career in this system. You just never know.</p>

Essay Writing Service UK

Published under Tips for College Freshmen On 11 Oct 2015

<p>Many students keep asking for <a href="">essay writing help in UK</a>. Fortunately, most of them come to us for model answers for their assignments. Do you want to know why? It is because we provide them with 100 % original high-quality work that is written by UK-educated MA/MSc and Ph.D. graduates. They are hardworking, dedicated, and always submit your work before the deadline. Our British-based clients have given us the experience thus the edge in producing clear, coherent, and objective papers. The custom writing we produce supersede the ones touted as “exemplary” by other writing agencies that often outsource to non-native English speakers</p>

Tips to Writing a Professional Article Review

Published under Tips on writing On 24 Sep 2015

<p>An article review is no different from a critique. However, it should not be confused with a summary. Your review should generally contain a synopsis of the main ideas of the author, followed by your evaluation of the work. A professional approach is paramount in writing an article review. Readers of your review might use it to make decisions concerning the article; hence your work should not be misleading! Remember, the audience of your review is most likely to be composed of persons that are either conversant or highly knowledgeable in the field. Below are steps to guide you to develop a professional, ethics based and non-biased article review.</p>

Research Proposal Tips

Published under Tips on writing On 22 Sep 2015

<p>To graduate in your field of study, you must successfully write a research proposal! To further your education, say to Ph.D. level, your admission application will most likely be attached to your research proposal! This is a very essential document! It may be intended to request for a research grant or sponsorship, or for academic purposes. The proposal should portray your competence to undertake the research.</p>

9 Tips for Multiple Choice Questions

Published under Tips on writing On 13 Sep 2015

<p>Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) tests are very common today. Most competitive exams will contain a section or the whole paper MCQ test. Most learning institutions conduct admission tests in MCQ format. Most employers also have also adopted the MCQ style of recruiting candidates. MCQ's have won the wide application due to their excellence in testing three primary areas;</p>

How to write a college essay

Published under Tips on writing On 13 Sep 2015

<p>You are preparing to join a college to pursue your dream, and you <a href="">need to develop your college application essay</a> that will tell the admission officers your skills and qualifications. Your college essay reveals what scores and grades cannot tell about your personality and skills. Therefore, you need to draft a quality article that will bring out your desired character and display your unique writing skills to admission officers. This article will outline the steps you will follow to develop a college essay that will earn you an admission.</p>

Do my homework

Published under Infographics On 02 Sep 2015

<p>A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...It is a period of custom writing company war. Companies of the Light Side, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Entrepreneurial Empire. During the battle, Companies of the Light Side managed to prevent secret</p>

65 Essay Topics for High School Students

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 31 Aug 2015

<p>Learning the art of essay writing does not solely depend on how your teacher handles the topic ‘Essay Writing’ in class. More factors count, but the most important of all is the meaning of the cliché, ‘Practice Practice Makes Perfect.’ Topic selection is also vital towards the crafting of a top quality essay. A high school student, for instance, may not be able to develop an excellent essay, given a sophomore level topic. An interesting essay topic also triggers creativity in a student. Hence, we have listed for you 65 perfect essay topics for high school students that will greatly enhance not only your interest in the art of writing, but also make the learning process more enjoyable. Check our <a href="">excellent essay topics</a></p>

How to Cope the First Years in College-Lessons From Older Students

Published under Tips for College Freshmen On 27 Aug 2015

<p>Experience is the best teacher, they say. However, a chance to learn from older folks is always golden! Despite the excitement of finally making it to college and the feeling of ‘maturity', more, and more challenging situations always await the ‘just 18 first years’. While the freshman year is a time of redefinition and a foundation laying moment for a better future, most students miss the point and get carried away by anxiety.</p>

How to write a research paper

Published under Tips on writing On 26 Aug 2015

<p>You are expected to write a research paper at the end of a research you conducted. Your professor requires you to demonstrate supremacy and excellence in this assignment so that he gets a <a href="">quality research report</a> from you. You are sweating as you browse in the library textbooks on how you will achieve this task. Do not worry; this webpage will take you through the essential steps of developing a good research paper that will earn you high scores.</p>

How to write a creative brief

Published under Tips on writing On 15 Aug 2015

<p>From user to user, every brief varies in use, formatting and style. Still, a brief is used to prepare or give instruction by giving an abstract of the pertinent facts. So depending on the user emphasis will be different, thus varying formats. For instance a business organization or firm, will write a brief to inform impending suppliers, what they wish to achieve, they target market and supplementary information they deem necessary. A lawyer is also required to <a href="">write a brief arguing for clients</a>. An excellent brief substantiates a case leading to their winning of the case. Despite this, a creative brief should involve various things and carry various features as will be seen below.</p>

How to write a great essay for different A-Level Subjects

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 10 Aug 2015

<p>Every subject’s essay is unique in a particular way. It is undeniable how similar they are, in terms of arrangement. For example, every essay should have an introduction where a thesis is stated. Normally, it is the first paragraph provoking the reader’s curiosity; explains how the question is understood by the writer and delineates the terms necessary.</p>

Infographic: Essay Hooks

Published under Infographics On 05 Aug 2015

<p>Every six seconds people feel the urge to turn away. Looking at tiny lines on a screen or a page is not natural. So every six seconds (every sentence), you have to give someone a new hook (James Altucher). You read the first sentence and you know that this piece of writing is not going to be a waste of your time. You submerge in the reading. Everyone wants to write like that, everyone wants the reader to be enthralled with their writing. See our infographic to learn how to hook your reader from the first sentence.</p>

Should I pay for an essay?

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 01 Aug 2015

<p>Daily, we are faced with lots of decisions that are compulsory for us to make. The decision of whether to <a href="">pay and have an essay done</a> often arises, for most us after considering certain factors. In this case, factors that are weightier are those asking us to choose to get an essay done for you online by professionals. These factors include:</p>

How to write cultural diversity essay

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 27 Jul 2015

<p>There are numerous communities all around the world with each rich their culture. While people interact with each other in cities, workplace and other social places, cultural diversity is clearly demonstrated in the way of dressing and eating habits among other cultural practices. Most people are of the view that it is beneficial to the society. However, some information that could be written on cultural diversity essays could be contentious if not well researched. A trusted reference point should be used to avoid writing stereotypes and prejudices about a particular community. Some authors could also be prejudiced in their writing, and it is up to the writer to <a href="">take an objective front while writing the essay</a>.</p>

Writing Help with your Theology and Religion Assignments

Published under Tips on writing On 20 Jul 2015

<p>Theology is the study of God and his features. It is the belief and worship of a supernatural being. Theology and religion essays are no different with other papers in the way they are structured. However, it is important to look at the questions first. While <a href="">writing an essay in theology and religion</a>, understanding the question is essential. The essay writer should then embark on a thorough research characterized by looking for appropriate reference points and taking of notes. The notes are then well arranged through the structuring of the essay. The essay will then begin with a heading. The title is written at the beginning of the essay and should be precise with a fundamental meaning of the essay.</p>

How to write an essay: tips for A-Level students

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 19 Jul 2015

<p>What is problematic for A-level students? What do students at this level need? I don’t want to say there are definite answers to these questions. Every essay has its demands. To know how to navigate through providing different essay requirements makes you a better student at A-level. Just like anything else challenging, unsurpassed students delight in writing academic essays. To write A-grade papers at this level, it is vital to look into the primary skills in writing an essay as the initial tips.</p>

50 great essay topics

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 18 Jul 2015

<p>Instructors are used to giving the same essay question to each class they taught, year in and out, which makes students more relaxed since all need to do is to borrow essays from those ahead of them and present them as their own. However, below are <a href="">great essay topics</a> that instructors should give students and make them more serious</p>

​Buy Essays Online Safety Shouldn’t Be an Issue

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 13 Jul 2015

<p>The demand of <a href="">custom essay writing services online</a> is growing, because most of the students rely on professional essay writing services to accomplish their academic projects. Since there are abundances of scam writing services available, there’ll be a concern in your mind whether or not it is secure to buy custom essays online. Your teacher asks you to write essays, not for fun. Being proficient to write something, make an argument, and meet deadlines, are all important life skills, and these can be developed by writing essays, thesis, or reports.</p>

Cheap custom writing

Published under Tips on writing On 02 Jul 2015

<p>You are required to finish a class task urgently within a short time. However, you are not in a position to do this because of such reasons like the tutor discussed the concept of class while you were absent, you are busy tied with office work, you are shaking in bed from the flu or you simply have no clue where to start from. When you do not want these circumstances to jeopardize your grades, then consider seeking <a href="">assistance from reliable writers</a> you can trust for a quality essay. We offer cheap writing services that meet clients’ needs by boosting their grades.</p>

UK Essays

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 30 Jun 2015

<p>The cost of college and university education is very high and it is worthy if a student excels in his/her grades to get an easy kick off in his/her profession. Has your tutor given out an assignment to write an essay, report, research project, course work, critique, memo, proposal, lab report or you need to join graduate studies? It is an opportunity to showcase your excellence in writing and communication skills.</p>

How To Write A Book Critique

Published under Tips on writing On 29 Jun 2015

<p>A book critique is not equivalent to a book review. Most people confuse the two to be the same. Here is the difference for you! A book review writing is a summarized version of the book. A book critique, on the other hand, is both an analysis and an evaluation of the book. In a book critique, more attention is given to the assessment of the book and not the summary. You assume that your audience has read the book; hence it is your critical analysis that could be essential to them.</p>

How To Write A Good Thesis

Published under Tips on writing On 28 Jun 2015

<p>A graduate research is distinct in that it has an original impact to knowledge; hence, <a href="">the purpose of a master's thesis</a> is to prove that the study actually made an original contribution or impact to knowledge; this is what the examiners will use to assess your master’s thesis. When writing the thesis, therefore, seek to prove the uniqueness of your work and its contribution to knowledge!</p>

Assignment help Australia

Published under Custom Writing Blog On 28 Jun 2015

<p>Assignment help Australia provides quality and reliable help to students in writing academic essays, particularly term papers, research proposals and projects, thesis and dissertations. Our services are designed to help the students excel in their academics by guiding them on how to write assignments with proper citations. These services enable students score highly in their assignments and achieve high grades in their courses.</p>

How to write a college paper

Published under Tips on writing On 26 Jun 2015

<p>There is a difference between writing a high school paper and writing a college paper. Generally, <a href="">articles written by the college students</a> follow a definite procedure to ensure that you select the appropriate theme; find the best points that make it possible for you to elaborate making sure your readers can grasp what you want to deliver. It’s also a requirement to justify what you put down and make a stand on what you think of what you were doing.</p>

​A Critique Essay

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 26 Jun 2015

<p>The meaning of the term ‘Criticize’ does not suit the <a href="">purpose of a critique essay writing</a> . The primary objective of such an essay is to exhaustively assess something, say an experience, a literary work, a place or an object, and give a fair judgment. For the purpose of this article, we shall address a critique essay for a literary work. The essay should answer the following question: Is the Argument of the author effectively presented?</p>

How to Write a Critique

Published under Tips on writing On 25 Jun 2015

<p>A critique is a category of academic writing that evaluates or analysis critically a literary or artwork. It must include an identification, a summary, and the critical evaluation of the work. The format of a critique is not complicated at all; the 'introduction, body and conclusion' format of an essay is applied in critique writing.</p>

Leadership essay

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 25 Jun 2015

<p>Leadership is a term that is very broad and open to interpretation. In most instances, this kind of article is used to define leadership, and express the core competencies that one is required to master. It also discusses what the term leadership represents in the context of information technology. It is important to conduct a thorough research on the theme so that you are in a position to understand it. Visit the library and look for relevant articles, journals, magazines, textbooks and also websites.</p>

Essay hooks

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 19 Jun 2015

<p>Every writer, whether a professional or a student, will always have his/her audience in mind when putting a pen on the paper. He/she will wish that every person that comes across his/her piece of writing will read it to the end. This is the reason you will stare at a blank page for hours thinking of the best title to give your piece of writing, or the best way to start.</p>

​The Eminence of Film and Theater Studies

Published under Tips on writing On 11 Jun 2015

<p>Through the interpretation both in Film and Theater a student of essays on film and theater studies can learn and transform himself into a versatile actor, active and open to potential jobs and projects arising within the Performing Arts. In this training, a student can learn to let go with the body, voice and speech, to improvise fictional scenes, work texts fluently, to express emotions and to give them an art form.</p>

​Admission Essay

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 07 Jun 2015

<p>Admission essay or application essay plays a very important in your college, university, or graduate school admission process. One’s admission might be at stake if one is not paying much heed to their application essay. It is an essay that must be a reflection of who you are or in other words, it’s your ambition, goals, purpose, life, personality etc in a nutshell.</p>

Essay Writing

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 04 Jun 2015

<p>Essay writing can be difficult and frustrating but is also crucial to your study so getting help can be essential if things aren’t going to plan.</p>

Does smoking help to make acquaintances?

Published under Custom Writing Blog On 04 Jun 2015

<p>Smoking reduces life expectancy by an average of 10-13 years. Every child knows that smoking – is harmful, and yet the number of smokers is not decreasing. Why is that? Nicotine – a drug, providing psych stimulant effects. Therefore, after smoking cigarettes for a short time there is a feeling tide forces, mild euphoria. After a short period, the effect of nicotine ends – the mood falls and a person is reaching for a new dose.</p>

How to write ​Article review

Published under Tips on writing On 03 Jun 2015

<p>Reviewing an article is summarizing, evaluating and offering critical comment on the article’s idea and content. It provides description, analysis and interpretation that allow the readers to evaluate the article. Primary goal of an article review should be to read and understand the article, analyze the findings and arguments, and assess and comment on the article.</p>

Why do people like watching funny cats videos?

Published under Custom Writing Blog On 28 May 2015

<p>Let's face it, cats are very arrogant. You can really love your cat, but when at 3 a.m. it starts to run around the room, because someone fell asleep at "his" pillow, you begin to understand what it means to suffer for love.</p>

Argumentative essay writing

Published under Tips for writing an essay On 27 May 2015

<p>This is the genre of essay that requires exploring a topic evaluating it and establishing a position on the topic in a concise manner. <a href="">Argumentative essays</a> are assigned as a final project in the first-year writing or advanced composition courses and require some detailed research.</p>

Should celebrities be given more privacy?

Published under Custom Writing Blog On 25 May 2015

<p>Not everyone is able to cope with the constant pressure from people wanting to know their every move, especially when it comes to their private life. In the life of the well-known and revered celebrity is almost impossible to avoid it. Paparazzi are getting out of control, and to be in the public eye is not quite the same as fifty years ago.</p>

​Family and Consumer Papers: Bridge Between Social and Natural Sciences

Published under Custom Writing Blog On 24 May 2015

<p>The field represents many areas including: human development, personal finances and family, housing, environment and interior design, the food science, nutrition and wellness, the textiles and clothing, and finally the problems of consumers.</p>

How to write a paper one hour before it is due

Published under Tips on writing On 24 May 2015

<p>It's time to talk about how to write texts fast. Many people do not like to write, as the work on the article cost them a few hours or even a whole day. If you write texts for yourself – It will <a href="">help you to do an article</a> sooner by obvious reasons. If you write it for someone – you save time by applying a system of proper organization of work.</p>

10 tips how you can cheat on exams

Published under Tips on writing On 12 May 2015

<p><a href="">Help me with my exams</a> ! Hardly we are able to know everything. And the more we learn and teach, the more we understand it. It is unlikely even at the first year at college that you can meet someone who never cheated.</p>

Students exchange programs around the world

Published under Custom Writing Blog On 12 May 2015

<p>Student time is wonderful and exciting period of life. Youth exchange programs are designed for students and those who have already graduated from university (young professionals). They provide a unique opportunity to get acquainted with different cultures and countries, enrich their knowledge, improve the language knowledge of the host country, to gain valuable experience and an opportunity to work abroad, as well as a huge number of new acquaintances and impressions.</p>

Modern art: can it be considered as an art?

Published under Custom Writing Blog On 12 May 2015

<p>The answer lies in the depths of the specific relationship of people with the art itself. Excluding professionals, knowledge about the art of the general public often limited to a school course of world culture and history, and it is more concentrated extract of the world history of art, briefly introducing the student to date, not focusing on the details and nuances of the ages, artists and trends.</p>

Are early marriages more likely to end in divorces?

Published under Essay sample On 12 May 2015

<p>What is an early marriage? This is an entry into the officially registered conjugal relationships at the age closed to adulthood. Statistics confirms the fact that such union of two people is a priori doomed to failure. Why is this happening? The answer lays in the reasons for which young men and women put in their passport the coveted seal.</p>

How teachers can humiliate students

Published under Essay sample On 07 May 2015

<p>I hope you are a lucky one and you had never met a cruel teacher during your student life. Many parents believe that their child is being lazy in the class or accept that he simply does not have the abilities. But they are not even aware that the fault of poor progress can be a teacher! Practice shows that 50% of parents do not even think that their child is being abused by teachers at the school!</p>