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  • How to Write a Discussion Section in a Lab Report
    Writing AdviceHow to Write a Discussion Section in a Lab Report

    Lab experiments are an integral part of any science course. If you’re a science student, you’ve probably been tasked with writing a lab report. And one essential part of writing any lab report is the discussion section.Writing an effective discussion section can be challenging, considering its many components and the need to explain various concepts of your experiment. If not done correctly, the overall outcome may be confusing and not accurately convey your findings.This blog post will provide an overview of how to write a discussion section in a lab report and the key components you must include for your report to be effective.What should a lab report discussion include?The main purpose of this section is to interpret the results and findings of your experiment and connect them to your hypothesis. It also connects theoretical concepts with the collected data and draws conclusions about the topic under study.Additionally, the discussion section evaluates the experimental design and

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  • Term Paper vs. Research Paper: What are the Differences?
    Writing AdviceTerm Paper vs. Research Paper: What are the Differences?

    As a college student, you’re most probably familiar with a research paper. But have you heard of its lesser-known cousin, the term paper?Not sure what the differences are or if there is a difference at all? Though most students are skeptical, there’s a significant difference between a term paper and a research paper.This post will discuss term paper vs. research paper and help you distinguish between the two. We’ll help you understand what makes each type of these papers unique so you can be confident when handling both.What is a term paper?A term paper is a form of academic writing that requires extensive research and focus on a particular subject. It’s an assignment that college students are expected to complete at the end of an academic term.A term paper typically requires extensive research and strong analytical skills. It demonstrates a student's understanding of the topics studied and allows them to form arguments based on the information collected throughout the term.Depending

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  • How to Write a 500-Word Essay for Scholarships
    Writing AdviceHow to Write a 500-Word Essay for Scholarships

    Scholarships are a great way to fund your college education, but anyone who has applied for a scholarship knows how difficult they are to get.When applying for a college scholarship, you’re likely to be asked to write an application essay. This can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time writing such an essay.However, it only takes some dedication and organization to write a winning essay. If you’re applying for a scholarship that requires you to write a 500-word essay, you might be wondering how to best structure it to position you firmly while staying within the word count.This article will give tips on writing a 500-word essay for scholarships that stands out from your competitors.How to structure a 500-word scholarship essay?For your essay to stand out, you must write it in an organized structure that includes all the essential elements.We all know that an ideal essay consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion, but read on to learn what each of these sections must

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  • Resume Writing Tips for College Freshers
    Internships & CareersResume Writing Tips for College Freshers

    Writing a resume can be daunting, especially if you’re a college fresher who has yet to enter the job market. You may ask yourself, “What else is there to write apart from my education background?”You don’t need to worry. You can showcase a lot about yourself in your resume. Among them are your strengths.As a college student, your resume can be the perfect platform to showcase your skills and strengths and show potential employers why they should hire you.In this article, we’ll highlight ten strengths to write in your resume that will help give it that extra edge.Ten strengths to write in college fresher resumesHere are some of the best strengths employers look for that you should always include in your resume.Leadership skillsLeading is one of the most important skills employers look for in candidates. Leadership skills can include anything from the ability to manage projects effectively to being able to monitor others and delegate tasks appropriately.If you’ve had any leadership

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  • 10 Best Practices For Writing a College Summary
    Writing Advice10 Best Practices For Writing a College Summary

    The ability to come up with a good summary is one of the critical skills you need as a college student.Writing a college summary enables you to capture important information from a large volume of texts such as research essays, novels, presentations, stories, lecture notes, and extensive articles you use in your daily learning process.College summaries require you to summarize a text and show your comprehension of the text in question. In this article, you’ll learn ten best practices for writing a college summary that you can use the next time you’re faced with this assignment.Four elements of a college summarySummaries play a significant role in restating essential ideas from a text. It condenses a large piece of text and makes it shorter and more reader-friendly. Summaries can also improve your writing skills as you rewrite the text in your own words.You must be asking yourself what makes a good summary. An effective college summary should have the following elements:States the main

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  • How to Write a CUEGIS Essay
    Writing AdviceHow to Write a CUEGIS Essay

    As a college student pursuing business management, you’ll be asked to write a CUEGIS essay, which accounts for 10% of your overall score.Original: SourceA CUEGIS essay requires you to apply the concepts of change, culture, ethics, globalization, innovation, and strategy to a real-world business situation. This essay type requires you to think critically about complex issues and synthesize multiple perspectives to develop your own reasonable point of view.Like an argumentative essay, you will need to take a position on one of the above topics and support your position with evidence.What should be in a CUEIGIS EssayA CUEGIS essay should focus on one of the following concepts: Change, culture, ethics, globalization, innovation, or strategy. When brainstorming ideas, find an angle that will allow you to critically analyze the topic in relation to your organization of choice.How many words should a CUEGIS essay be?There is no set word count for a CUEGIS essay. However, your essay should be

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