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  • What Should I Write My Analysis Paper On: 10 Tips to Choose Strong Analysis Paper Topics
    Writing InspirationWhat Should I Write My Analysis Paper On: 10 Tips to Choose Strong Analysis Paper Topics

    If you’re a college student, chances are you’ve been asked to write an analysis paper at some point in your academic career. But how is an analysis paper different from other essays or research papers? How do you choose analysis topics for a paper if your professor doesn’t provide one?This article will help you answer all these questions and give you a heads-up on how to write a good analysis paper in the future.What is an analysis paper?An analysis paper is an academic paper that thoroughly examines a particular subject or topic. In essence, it involves breaking down the subject to understand its various components and its relationship with other elements. This type of paper requires you to use your analytical skills to evaluate the material you’re researching.When writing an analysis paper, you must be able to present an argument based on your findings and support it with evidence.What makes a good analysis topic?A good analysis topic should focus on something relevant and timely

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  • 25 Good Extended Essay Topics for IB
    Writing Inspiration25 Good Extended Essay Topics for IB

    Extended essays in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme are dreaded by most students because they are viewed as extensive work that requires a lot of effort to complete.Original: SourceIt's up to you to decide whether your extended essay will be an adventure or torture. Depending on your views on the essay topic, you might find writing it extremely enjoyable or mentally exhausting.Order Now: 100% Original, High-Quality IB Extended EssayIn this article, we'll discuss the tried-and-true tips for finding good extended essay topics that can help speed up your process and make writing more enjoyable.But first, let's circle back to what an IB extended essay is.What is an IB Extended EssayAn extended essay (EE) is an independent essay in the form of a 4,000-word mini-thesis that IB students need to write to complete the Diploma Programme.When writing an extended essay, you'll be under the supervision of a mentor or advisor. The process of writing an extended essay starts by

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  • Concluding an Essay: 100+ Good Ways to Start a Conclusion Sentence
    Writing InspirationConcluding an Essay: 100+ Good Ways to Start a Conclusion Sentence

    You must be aware that the introduction of a write-up is pivotal for it to be engaging, and interesting.But did you know that the way you end or conclude an academic writing assignment is as important as how you begin writing the content?This is where concluding sentences come in.Original: SourceIn this article, we will share some good ways to start a conclusion sentence but before that, why are concluding paragraphs so important?Why is it Important to Start a Conclusion WellConclusion starters for any type of academic writing are essentially used to grab the attention of its readers. These conclusion sentences let your professor or peers know that your writing assignment, be it an essay, speech, or research paper, is coming to an end and it's time to wrap up all the important points in one brief summation.Without concluding sentences in your conclusion paragraph, the flow of your assignment could go wrong, and would eventually lead to an abrupt and confusing closure.As a college

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  • 21 ToK Exhibition Objects Ideas to Consider
    Writing Inspiration21 ToK Exhibition Objects Ideas to Consider

    On joining an IB program in school, you start hearing terms such as ‘Theory of Knowledge’, ‘ToK Exhibition’, ‘Exhibition Objects’. But you don't fully understand what these terms are for!As you get accustomed to the course, you realize that Theory of Knowledge is a massive project involving multiple components such as a ToK Exhibit and a ToK Essay, which have a major impact on your IA grades.You also understand that choosing the right three objects for your exhibit is the crux and would eventually determine the quality of grades you receive for this assessment.In this article, we will tell what a ToK exhibition is, how to select the right ToK exhibition objects and some ideas to get you started.The Importance of ToK Exhibition ObjectsOriginal: SourceThe ToK Exhibition is an integral internal assessment that is worth 33% of your entire grade in the component of Theory of Knowledge for IB courses. The mission of this exhibition is to understand ToK concepts through objects and how you

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