Leadership essay is a term that is very broad and open to interpretation. In most instances, this kind of article is used to define leadership, and express the core competencies that one is required to master. It also discusses what the term leadership represents in the context of information technology. It is important to conduct a thorough research on the theme so that you are in a position to understand it. Visit the library and look for relevant articles, journals, magazines, textbooks and also websites.

Design a blueprint of how you will write your essay. At this phase, you scheme through your assignment. If there are any direct questions asked, there is a need to note somewhere and ensure you effectively respond to them. If you have more need and the flexibility to write on the theme, you are required to compose it from an informed perspective and make it enjoyable for your readers.

Write a captivating introduction that draws the attention of the readers and makes them want to read more. An excellent introduction should capture the definition of the term leadership and the qualities of a good leader. Scrutinize the interpretation you as a writer have a great leader. In case there is a particular person you have in mind, whom you admire on his leadership, be sure to name him and explain why.

Some of the leadership competencies you should capture are relationship building and team development, self-direction, importance of communication, training and coaching, vision development, planning of projects, conflict resolution, change management, employee involvement, motivation of staff and teammates, brainstorming, leading tribes and leadership development among others (Northcutt, 2012).

Propose a thesis statement, less formally; identify a definite point to your  essay that will include everything you intend to discuss and what the reader wants to know. This means that you reduce the essence of writing your essay to a single sentence which will be easy for the reader to locate. For instance, your thesis may be directed towards identifying the need for leadership in a particular area of occupation. It may also want to pose an argument on the significant difference between what you expect of a leader and what they turn out to be or who they are.

Ensure you offer specific examples when supporting the argument in your thesis or when you want to make a point. When writing, it is important to note that everyone has their opinion of what leadership entails. Therefore, for you to drive your point home, you need to prove your point to your readers.

Making general statements will flaw your results on the essay. For instance, instead of declaring that "leadership is a key to success," cite examples of administrations that lead to a group having successful outcomes. This proves your competence on the issue and your research skills ability.

Make use of personal anecdotes that is using yourself and your experiences to enable your readers acquire knowledge of you and understand your perspective on leadership. Write down examples of your leadership. For instance, you did volunteer to coach a team, do some beneficial community activity or offered your assistance and guidelines to fellow students that made it possible for them to complete a significant project. Remember also to include those mentors or people who have made a significant impact in your life as well as those you hardly knew but they still managed to motivate and inspire you.

Remain positive while writing your essay. At times, essays are meant to be antagonistic, critical or satirical, and it takes a keen writer to turn a negative theme into a positive essay. End your essay with a strong conclusion. A writer can only manage to do this if they take the time to re-visit the thesis statement, main argument or the essay question and conclude with a final thought on leadership. Avoid repetition, but write a summary of your point.