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Are you struggling to complete your IB Internal Assessment and looking for professional help? Do you also find it difficult to select the right topic that can have a historical significance and investigate the same following appropriate structure? No matter you want to buy math ia or business internal assessment - Writer Per Hour ready to help you even if you want it urgently.

We are here to help you in writing your IB Internal Assessments from scratch. Our IB qualified writers can also edit/revise your own draft, remove plagiarism from your IA and help you to improve it. Don't worry if you don't have a data or can't conduct an experiment - you still can pay us to write your IA and our writers will do it.

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We understand that International Baccalaureate (IB) Internal Assessments (IA) can be highly intimidating even for the smartest students in the class. You need to do a historical investigation of any topic of your choice. You are free to choose a relevant question from your syllabus. However, since the issue is historical, you can’t pick a subject or an event that has taken place within ten years in the past. After getting your topic approved by the teacher, you need to write 2200 words assessment, providing detailed arguments, statistical evidence, hypothesis, examples, etc. Doing all of this requires a lot of time and efforts. Thus, it makes more sense to buy an IB paper or hire a reliable IB IA Writer who can deliver the quality work within stipulated deadline.

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Many students conduct proper research and collect all the necessary data related to the historical event. However, they find it hard to articulate the facts and figures and structure it properly like a historian will do. Since the research is done from a historian’s perspective, articulation of the investigation plays a crucial role in your success. For this purpose, we provide you with all the assistance you need for your IB Internal Assessment. We have a team of native writers from US, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia who look at researching and writing as a source of joy. Most of our writers are IB, MBA or Ph.D. degree holders.

Our writers are adept at writing IB Internal Assessments for all subjects such as Math, Biology, History, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics (IB IA Physics Example), Design Technology, IB English, Business, Geography, Economics, etc. We cover all the subjects and provide IB Assessment help to the students from across the world.

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Our writers follow the standard structure prescribed for the IB Internal Assessments. After doing the research, we select the topic and send it to you so that you can get it approved from your supervisor. The writers at Writers Per Hour have extensive experience in writing International Baccalaureate Internal Assessments. Therefore, our IB writing services will lead to your superior performance at school.

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Meaningful: we investigate the subject carefully and come up with useful insights. Our writers spend ample amount of time to ensure proper understanding of the topic and extracting deep and meaningful research sources. Our research is based only on reputable sources of information so that your supervisors can't question the credibility and validity of the facts and figures. We understand that providing meaningful information is of the essence in crafting a well-written assessment, and we strive to do just that. There are no other ways.

Fair: our writers are as objective as one can get. There is no space for subjectivity or favoring a particular group or a source of information over another in an Internal Assessment. We gather information from various sources and look at the information from different perspectives to rule out the scope of any subjectivity. This helps us deliver useful content for “Reflection” section of the Assessment where we need to analyze the impact of biases on the outcome.

Reliable: as experienced as we are, it is safe to say that you can rely on us for the delivery of quality work. We take your project seriously and handle it with utmost care. It helps us deliver superior content for “Investigation” section of the assessment that is critical for overall quality of the Assessment.

We Will Follow Criteria while Working on Your IA

  • Identification and Evaluation of Sources - 500 Words - It carries six marks
  • Investigation - 1300 Words - It carries 15 marks
  • Reflection - 400 Words - It carries four marks
  • Bibliography (Not included in overall word count)

You need to write around 2200 words and aim to achieve 25 marks. Each of these sections should be composed as follows:

Identification and Evaluation of Sources: in the first part which is Identification and Evaluation of Sources, you need to state the question that you have selected to investigate. It must be written in a question form. You also need to include a summary of two sources you have chosen for research and analysis purpose. You need to analyze the two sources in detail and reference the content appropriately.

Investigation: in this section, you need to do the actual investigation. Although there is no prescribed format of the inquiry, you need to organize the content and critically evaluate the question. You also need to write a conclusion in which you need to explain your findings. The investigation section must be precise and deals with all the aspects of the question.

Reflection: in the third and final section of the Internal Assessment assignment, the students need to reflect on the undertakings highlighted in their studies. You need to write about the methods you used and the challenges you faced during the investigation. Writing a Reflection section of the assignment is a challenge for many students as they are not sure what to include in the same. Here are some examples that can help you in writing the Reflection section efficiently:

  • What challenges did you face as a historian? How are these problems different from the same faced by mathematicians or scientists?
  • How can the reliability of a source be evaluated?
  • The difference between selection and bias?
  • What do you think can be a historical event?
  • Who decides the historical significance of various events?
  • Is it really possible to describe historical events without any bias?
  • How difficult is it to establish proof in the history? Does that mean that all the versions of a historical event could be acceptable?

Bibliography: a bibliography with appropriate referencing must be included in all Internal Assessment assignments.

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Writers Per Hours is a renowned IB IA writing service with an excellent track record in ib standards writing services. We have helped hundreds of students by delivering quality IB Internal Assessments. If you are looking for IB Internal Assessment help, then feel free to get in touch, and we are ready to assist you immediately.

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