Jun 01 2019

10 Tips Every Student Must Apply to Write An Engaging Essay

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Are you looking for the best way to write engaging essays that get noticed? Do you want to write top-notch essays that your instructors and examiners will love? I’m guessing you answered yes.

Original: SourceHence, writing winning essays is not rocket science; you only need to apply a few elements to your writing to make it more appealing. Why? Because your instructors read thousands of essays year-in-year-out. Therefore, the best way to stand out from the crowd is to make yours incredibly captivating.

In view of this, we have put together a summary of how to write and format your essay for maximum results.

Choose An Interesting Topic That Borders on Current Subject Matters

Before you start writing your essay, spend a considerable amount of time on your topic ideas, and then, zero in on or choose a topic that concerns or borders around current issues. With such a subject, you will be able to gather more research and relevant statistics to back up your content.

Furthermore, make sure not to deviate from your topic idea. Center your essay around your topic to engage your readers.

Select a Title or Headline That Support Your Main Idea

As stated in the section above, you should also take valuable time to craft a captivating title for your essay. This step is vital because your heading is the gateway to your content. If your headline is not compelling enough, no one will click to read your material.

Thus, pick an irresistible heading that conveys your main ideas. Use a verb on your title to make it stronger and active to enable you to get clicks to your content piece.

Organize Your Ideas

The concept here is to help you have a focus and write in an organized manner. Your readers will continue to read your materials only if your essay is strategically in order. This approach will boost your creativity and assist you with more materials for your paper.

Moreover, it will aid your readers to understand the content quickly.

Employ Examples to Strengthen Your Points

With credible and applicable examples, including statistics, if any, you will establish your authorship and credit as a reliable person. It signals to your readers that you did your homework; that you know the topic well enough and also conducted thorough research on the subject.

In addition, the examples and statistics you include in your essay will back up or support the points you want the reader to take home. Because they serve as proof or confirmation of what you bring to the table; it is a fantastic way to sustain your thoughts and ideas.

As a result, the supplementary illustrations will give you additional information to strengthen your essay, thereby, add life to your content and make it more appealing and engaging.

Apply Rhetorical Questions to Beef-Up Your Essay

If you’re new to writing, you may be wondering; what are rhetorical questions? A rhetorical question is a way of speaking in the style of questioning that is intended to make your point clearer.

Consequently, instead of provoking or extracting an answer from the reader, you ask the questions to create a powerful impact that will make your point to stand out.

For this reason, use relevant questions to keep your readers engaged. Several professional writers have the concept of asking a rhetoric question on a section of the material, and then, they will go ahead and tackle it on another part.

You can ask such questions at the beginning of:

  • A paragraph
  • Your introduction
  • A sentence
  • At the concluding part of your essay

This type of items has a substantial impact on the reader with positive results and will improve your essay writing skills.

Use Simple Words and Write Shorter Sentences

The primary reason for writing shorter sentences is because it lets you get straight to the point. In other words, shorter phrases make your writing more specific and actionable. It allows you to make your point without needless wordings.

In fact, writing in this manner will strengthen your essay and make it more interesting to read because your vocabulary is simple even for grade school pupils to understand. In view of this, remove or delete word phrases that do not contribute meaningfully to the ideas of your essay.

Use Bullet Points to Highlight Specific Ideas

Bullet points are one of the best writing tools that will make your essay material more appealing and engaging. It enables you to highlight particular concepts and make your point clear to the reader.

In addition, you can use bullet points to break up blocks of text into bite-sized chunks to help your audience to grasp the thoughts you want to convey quickly - points you’re trying to emphasize.

In other words, you can use bullet points to draw peoples attention to crucial information within your essay so that your readers can find critical issues and facts more quickly.

Summary of a powerful bullet point

  • A bullet underscores the apparent reward to your readers and also helps them to scan your content smoothly
  • Get accustomed to analogies or similarities. The idea is to ensure that all segments of your bullets topically connect to make your point clearer
  • Make your bullet points short; they are not sentences that must be complete. One, two, or three lines is ideal
  • Your bullet points should not be congested for any reason. They are there to provide clarity and make your points to stand out. However, a crowded bullet may confuse the reader. Thus, avoid detailed outline and sub-bullet points

Avoid Using Repetitive Words In Your Essay

It is critical to avoid repetitive words in your essay because if you use particular words time and again, it will weaken the impact of your essay and make it annoying to read. This approach is common, especially when you are trying to boost SEO using a target keyword or keyword phrase.

Therefore, avoid using the same words or phrase repeatedly. But instead, use word variations and sentence structure to make your writing exceptional.

Improve Your Sentence Structure

Improving your sentence structure is essential since modifying your syntax in different ways will make your writing unpredictable and more effective. Thus, you can change your sentence structure by combining ideas to develop a sentence that has a subordinate clause.

Here is how to improve your sentence structure:

  • Use transition words
  • Utilize the active voice
  • Be careful when using secondary words in your sentence or paragraph to avoid deviating from the main points of your essay
  • Make the information you want to communicate to be evident within the sentence

  • Etc

Proofread Your Essay Before You Submit It

The final part of a winning essay is to proofread your work. And as stated earlier, your instructors are busy reading thousands of papers, which calls the need to makes yours unique.

Hence, there are spelling and grammatical errors you may have missed along the way. Accordingly, to take care of the mistakes and make your writing outstanding, you need to proofread your content. That is the only to detect the errors and fix them correctly to enhance your copy.


The core value of an appealing essay is to maintain consistency throughout your copy and be original. The tips above matters a lot as they’ll add up to enhance your essay writing if you make it a priority to apply each step positively.

Here is a recap of how students can write a captivating essay:

1. Choose An Interesting Topic That Borders on Current Subject Matters

2. Select a Title or Headline That Support Your Main Idea

3. Organize Your Ideas

4. Employ Examples to Strengthen Your Points

5. Apply Rhetorical Questions to Beef-Up Your Essay

6. Use Simple Words and Write Shorter Sentences

7. Use Bullet Points to Highlight Specific Ideas

8. Avoid Using Repetitive Words In Your Essay

9. Improve Your Sentence Structure

10. Proofread Your Essay Before You Submit It

Nonetheless, if you find it difficult to get along with your essay writing projects, you can outsource your assignment to the right essay writing services.

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